Highway Patrol - Season 2

(ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Rabies
    Episode 39
    Dan Mathews and the Highway Patrol search desperately for a vacationing woman and her young daughter after it is learned that a dog that bit the young girl has rabies.
  • Hostage Copter
    Hostage Copter
    Episode 38

    A restaurant owner is wounded and his daughter kidnapped by two robbers, who flee but are tracked by Chief Dan Mathews in a Highway Patrol helicopter.

  • Hired Killer
    Hired Killer
    Episode 37
    A hitman comes to a small town looking for two brothers who are in hiding while waiting to testify against a Chicago gangster. The gunman finds and kills one of the witnesses, but the other brother is on a picnic with his girlfriend. Dan Mathews races to find the couple before the assassin can kill again.moreless
  • Narcotics
    Episode 36
    Two narcotics dealers murder "Skipper" Mason, the elderly owner of a roadside cafe, planning to pose as the new owners of the cafe long enough to distribute a shipment of heroin. When Mason's body is found, Dan Mathews and a special narcotics agent stake out the cafe.
  • Double Cross
    Double Cross
    Episode 35

    A bonded messenger plots with an accomplice to steal a payroll worth $20,000. Only what he doesn't count on is his partner in crime killing him and taking all the money for himself. The murderer also doesn't plan on Chief Dan Mathews being right on his tail.

  • Fake Cop
    Fake Cop
    Episode 34
    Mathews must deal with a trio of thieves, two men and a woman, who have come up with a novel robbery plan: a scout and pretend witness; the thief; and a fake cop.
  • Wounded
    Episode 33

    A young boy playing in the woods sees two robbers who have kidnapped a local doctor to remove a bullet from one of the man's shoulder. He runs home and calls the Highway Patrol who must figure out how to not only save the doctor, but now also the boy who has gotten captured.

  • Gem Robbery
    Gem Robbery
    Episode 32
    Raymond Harris, carrying gems to be delivered to a Dr. Corbett, is robbed at gunpoint by a man claiming to be Corbett's assistant. The thief threatens to harm Harris' family if he gives any information to the police, forcing Mathews to conduct his investigation without any information.
  • Stolen Plane Copter
    Stolen Plane Copter
    Episode 31

    Two convicts escape when a small plane makes a landing near their work detail. Chief Dan Mathews takes to the air in the Highway Patrol helicopter to find them before they land and get away.

  • Reformation
    Episode 30

    Two robbers soon have a differing of opinion after a heist. One wants to give the money back while the other wants to kept the spoils of the crime.

  • Convict's Wife
    Convict's Wife
    Episode 29

    After killing a guard and escaping from the state penitentiary, armed convict Niles Brandon steals a car and contacts his estranged wife to help him stay at large. When Sgt. Walters shows up to question her, she lies about having heard from Niles.


  • Stripped Cars
    Stripped Cars
    Episode 28
    Two brothers have the idea to commit a one time crime to get the money to buy a farm by hijacking a car-carrier truck, intending to modify the cars to look used. Their plans go awry when they hear that they accidentally killed the truck driver.
  • Officer's Wife
    Officer's Wife
    Episode 27
    After an patrolman is killed in a shootout, Officer Ed Wylie's wife is so fearful that she convinces him to resign from the force. Mathews gives Wylie a leave of absence to try another job, but in the meantime works on Mrs. Wylie to convince her to conquer her fears and approve of her husband's return to the job he loves.moreless
  • Motorcycle B
    Motorcycle B
    Episode 26

    Two men use motorcycles to rob merchants, sprinting away from each scene and then hiding the motorcycles in the back of an accomplice's truck to escape. Only they are seen by a lineman who alerts the Highway Patrol and soon Dan Mathews is hot on the crooks' trail.

  • Nitro
    Episode 25

    A ruthless crook kills another, stealing valuable counterfeiting plates that are packed in tubes of nitroglycerin. Dan Mathews and Secret Service Agent Taft set up roadblocks in hopes of capturing the murderer and his dangerous cargo.

  • Female Hitchhiker
    Female Hitchhiker
    Episode 24

    A crook uses two women to pose as hitchhikers to lure male drivers to give them a ride, then robs them of their valuables.

  • Trojan Horse
    Trojan Horse
    Episode 23

    A couple of thieves stow away in the rear of a truck driven by a third crook that will carry them into a plant's secured lot at night so that they can crack the company's safe where there's a $27,000 payroll being stored.

  • Suspected Cop
    Suspected Cop
    Episode 22

    Professor McKay, a gemologist, is transporting uncut jewels to have them appraised when he suffers a heart attack while driving. After his car is impounded by the Highway Patrol, McKay dies and his daughter accuses Patrolman Johnson, the officer who was the only one in charge of her father's car, of stealing the jewels which can't be found. A newspaper reporter is about to publish the story, pointing the finger at Johnson so Dan Mathews has little time to sort out the theft.

  • Counterfeit
    Episode 21

    High quality forged payroll checks are flooding into the area, being made by the new owner of an established printing company which keeps him under the radar. Dan, knowing that it can't be a backroom operation, tries to eliminate each possible point of operation, knowing that the clock is ticking and that the counterfeiters will soon leave the area once it's too hot to pass any more bogus checks.

  • Psycho
    Episode 20

    Chief Dan Mathews investigates an abandoned car on the side of a road and is suddenly the target of a man with a rifle on a hill. After checking ownership of the car, it turns out that the man with the gun is novelist Guy Pemberton who, according to his doctor, is acting out a part from one of his books because of the medication he is taking. Dan's job is to keep Guy from harming himself and someone else.

  • Resident Officer
    Resident Officer
    Episode 19

    Dan engages in solving the type of crime all officers hate the most: the murder of a fellow cop. Officer Joe Kline's body is found in a remote area and at first it look like it could have been an unfortunate hunting accident, except for the marijuana leaf found in his pocket. From this clue, Mathews deduces that Kline must have found drug dealers while he was hunting and this sets the chief to find the cop killers.

  • Statute Of Limitations

    The father of a little girl injured by a careless driver gets paid off not to report the accident. Only the driver, Eddie Beekman, is not a wealthy guy and when Dan Mathews finds out about the payoff, he looks into Beekman's past and discovers a bank robbery that was never solved with money that was never found. He also sees that the statute of limitations on that crime runs out at midnight.

  • Amnesia
    Episode 17
    The Highway Patrol finds a woman who fell off of a cliff and is now suffering from amnesia. An even bigger problem is that her husband is missing in the same forest and presumed injured.
  • Ranch Copter
    Ranch Copter
    Episode 16
    George and Iris Wilson live on her ranch, along with her two brothers. When Iris is accidentally shot, one of the brothers takes off after George with a rifle. Dan takes off in a Bell 47 to try and find the hot-headed sibling before he commits murder.
  • Migrant Workers
    Migrant Workers
    Episode 15
    Dan suspects inside help on a robbery of migrant fruit pickers when upon settling in a new location, a worker is murdered.
  • Armored Car
    Armored Car
    Episode 14
    An armored car is stolen from a local farmer's market, complete with guard still locked in the hold. What Dan soon finds out is that the guard's wife has been taken hostage in order to make the guard in the truck's vault open the steel door.
  • Escaped Mental Patient

    Dan uses tracking dogs to stay on the trail of a middle aged escaped mental patient who thinks he's a famous musician, but who has also taken a woman hostage.

  • Stolen Car Ring
    Stolen Car Ring
    Episode 12
    A man gets pulled over in an expensive car that has been reported stolen. He's rugged looking and could easily be type cast as a car thief. He insists that he's innocent and bought the car recently, causing Dan to suspect that a ring of car thieves has moved into the area. A trap is set, with Dan pretending to be an eager customer.moreless
  • Motel Robbery
    Motel Robbery
    Episode 11
    Dan finds himself on the business end of a gun barrel when he corners a thief who has been robbing motels and has already proven he's willing to kill to escape capture.
  • Ex Con
    Ex Con
    Episode 10

    The life of an ex-con is never easy, especially when cellmates show up expecting favors. Al Baldwin is a reformed criminal but suddenly has unexpected guests who hide out at his house while plotting their next crime. When that holdup goes bad, the cons hold Al's wife hostage unless he helps.

  • Oil Lease
    Oil Lease
    Episode 9
    An Army bazooka is stolen by two men who use it to capture the payroll from an oil drilling company.
  • Hot Cargo
    Hot Cargo
    Episode 8

    Several criminals conspire to stage highway accidents prompting truck drivers to stop and help victims only to be assaulted and have their cargoes stolen. Chief Mathews creates a ruse to force the crime ring into action with the hopes of capturing them.

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod
    Episode 7
    Dan enlists the help of the leader of a local hot rod car club to assist in finding two robbers who use a souped-up car to get away from the Highway Patrol after each job.
  • Typhoid Carrier
    Typhoid Carrier
    Episode 6
    Hank Dooley's daughter has just died from typhoid fever, and Dooley is now searching for his farm hand Len Frazier who is the one who infected her, complete with rifle in hand.
  • Magazine Writer
    Magazine Writer
    Episode 5
    Reporter Sam Dalquist has gone missing. Dan has been looking for him because a two bit hood was found dead after getting a traffic citation driving Dalquist's car. The only lead Mathews has is that Dalquist was working on an exposé about a hood named Matlock and that may be where the writer will be found...dead or alive.moreless
  • Fisherman's Luck
    Fisherman's Luck
    Episode 4
    A car that was involved in an accident is stolen and later found again, and just happens to match the description of one used in a bank holdup. Putting two and two together, Dan speculates that this was the getaway car and it's occupants must have escaped on foot, which is near a posh resort.moreless
  • Trailer Story
    Trailer Story
    Episode 3
    Steve Talbot is a jewel thief who likes nice automobiles, and the Highway Patrol knows this. So Talbot flees capture after a job in an old junker. This gets him past the roadblocks but he soon is stranded on the side of the road. He hijacks a newly married couple pulling a trailer and Dan passes the trio through, not wanting harm to come to the civilians. But in passing the blockade, they unknowingly pick up a new rider.moreless
  • Kidnap Copter
    Kidnap Copter
    Episode 2
    Jerry Watts is the son of a millionaire and he's just been kidnapped and taken to an old shack high in the mountains. After a tip from a game warden brings the Highway Patrol, Jerry tries to escape to the officers, only to fall into a canyon severely injuring himself. The only way out is straight up.moreless
  • The Search
    The Search
    Episode 1
    After an elderly couple inadvertently help a murderous bank robber slip through a police road block, a restaurant manager spots the fugitive who uses the old folks to keep from getting caught.