Highway Patrol - Season 3

(ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Hypo Bandit
    Hypo Bandit
    Episode 1
    Nursing home attendant Joe Varnum, and his bride, take to robbing luxury stores on their honeymoon by injecting shopkeepers with a sedative stolen from the nursing home. But one victim has already died and Dan Mathews and the Highway Patrol try to stop the thieves before they kill again.
  • Efficiency Secretary

    A super-efficient and highly trusted secretary for a farmers' co-op devises a meticulous plan to rob the co-op of $50,000 with the help of her crop duster boyfriend.

  • Temptation
    Episode 3

    Rudolph Preston, a construction foreman, provokes a physical altercation between his employer and an independent contractor, Brian Meeker. Preston then takes advantage of the altercation to steal a large sum of money from the construction company and pin the blame on Meeker.

  • Safecracker
    Episode 4

    A recently paroled burglar and his wife move into town and after a string of robberies, they become the chief suspects. Despite being under the watchful eye of the Highway Patrol, the confident pair attempt to pull one last major heist.

  • Mistaken Identity
    Mistaken Identity
    Episode 5
    An elderly man, John Colter, is mistaken for a diamond merchant traveling in a similar car and kidnapped by a thief. Mathews makes contact with the real merchant and replaces him with an officer in an attempt to catch the thief and find Colter.
  • Hostage Family Copter

    A murderer on the run kidnaps a couple and their daughter at gunpoint. They hideout in a cabin in the woods. Highway Patrol helicopters finally track them down.

  • The Sniper
    The Sniper
    Episode 7

    A sniper is taking random shots at passing cars on a rural road and one of those shots takes the life of a driver. This sets the Highway Patrol hot on the trail of the shooter only Matthews isn't convinced of the person the townsfolk are accusing.

  • Hot Dust
    Hot Dust
    Episode 8

    Mr. Garson of Western Chemical has to make a delivery of highly dangerous radioactive dust and he asks the Highway Patrol to accompany their driver to the point of delivery. Chief Dan Mathews sees to the task himself, only he leaves the site before Harry Wells, the driver, drops the canister, spilling the radioactive material on the ground and contaminating himself in the process. The spill is discovered and search is started, only the dust causes Harry to start acting strangely, prompting Mathews to try and find him before it's too late.

  • Witness Wife
    Witness Wife
    Episode 9

    A guard is killed during a packing house robbery. When one of the killers dumps the body in a remote area, he is seen by a farmer who calls the Highway Patrol. But the killers change cars and soon are chased by the cops, figuring out that there must have been a witness to the body dump or car switch, so they set out to eliminate that witness, with Chief Dan Mathews right behind them.

  • Dead Hunter
    Dead Hunter
    Episode 10

    Chief Dan Mathews responds to a call of an apparent hunting accident involving two business partners in a remote area of the mountains. Only it's after the dead man's daughter reveals that her father would never hunt and hated guns that Mathews begins to suspect foul play.

  • Convicted Innocent
    Convicted Innocent
    Episode 11
    Mathews helps get a man out of prison who was wrongly convicted of murder during a robbery, but the bitter man can only think of taking revenge on the bus driver whose mistaken identification helped to convict him.
  • Chain Store
    Chain Store
    Episode 12

    A disgruntled truck driver seeks revenge by robbing only the chain stores owned by his employer.

  • Double Death
    Double Death
    Episode 13

    Tom Thornton, recently released from prison, vows to kill his former business partner, Harold Sylvester, who framed him for murder. Dan Mathews attempts to prevent the killing, but is hampered by the fact that the crime that Thornton served time for was the murder of Sylvester.

  • Hideout
    Episode 14

    A holdup man kills a guard and deserts his wounded partner during a robbery, but then discovers that the silent partners who planned the robbery and provided a hideout are even more ruthless than he is.

  • Mother's March
    Mother's March
    Episode 15

    A handyman takes advantage of an overheard conversation in a beauty parlor to steal money collected from a local charity for crippled children.

  • Slain Cabby
    Slain Cabby
    Episode 16

    Two thieves steal taxicabs in order to use them as getaway cars for their next robberies.

  • Insulin
    Episode 17

    A reformed convict is kidnapped by his former prison-mates and left locked in a remote shack to keep him from testifying against a crime boss. Mathews and the Highway Patrol search for the man, who is diabetic and in need of an insulin shot.

  • The Seventh Green
    The Seventh Green
    Episode 18

    Groundskeeper Keeley harbors criminals at his employer country club for a price. Fugitive Gage a/k/a Hepner threatens Keeley and Keeley kills him. Chief Mathews uncovers evidence of these fugitives and while grilling Mrs. Keeley Chief Dan learns of the murder. He catches up with Keeley and fugitive Carroll in a shootout on the golf course.

  • Foster Child
    Foster Child
    Episode 19

    A boy accidently shoots himself while the neighbor boy stands nearby. The victim’s father blames the foster neighbor boy and wants justice.


  • Lady Bandits
    Lady Bandits
    Episode 20

    A series of armed robberies which turn deadly are blamed on two men. But Mathews can't seem to catch the men. He'll soon figure out that the "men" are actually two women who disguise themselves as men to pull off the jobs and can then easily pass through the Highway Patrol roadblocks as women.

  • Revenge
    Episode 21

    Ex-con returns to exact revenge on the person that put him in prison with two neighboring farmers plan to permanently remove that same ex-con and a showdown ensues with Chief Dan waiting for all.


  • Tear Gas Copter
    Tear Gas Copter
    Episode 22

    Three dubious men enter the restaurant where Officer Simpson doesn’t like what he sees, tries to stall, one pulls a gun, Simpson kills him, another knocks him out and he is taken away as hostage.


  • Deaf Mute
    Deaf Mute
    Episode 23

    Robbing a grocery store, assaulting the proprietor, abducting the same man’s deaf-mute daughter is the work of callous spouses.


  • Hit And Run
    Hit And Run
    Episode 24

    Two brothers execute a meticulously planned robbery. There's just one problem. One of the brothers has been badly injured by a hit and run driver.

  • Fear
    Episode 25

    Ex-con blackmails former partner and is killed in confrontation. Partner evades HP as much as he can but is caught.

  • Careless Cop
    Careless Cop
    Episode 26

    An inadvertent lack of procedure results in a HP Officer being shot and his suspects escaping.


  • Policewoman
    Episode 27

    An undercover police officer is found by her crooked boss after she contacts Chief Mathews for help in apprehending the crime members.


  • The Truckers
    The Truckers
    Episode 28

    Drugs stolen by married accomplices from transports while drivers are purposely sedated.


  • Credit Card
    Credit Card
    Episode 29

    Two robbers of credit cards pick their victims at gas stations, in turn are identified, one killed, and one escapee begins the HP pursuit.


  • Psycho Killer
    Psycho Killer
    Episode 30

    Mentally unstable man seeking lonely women on a false matrimonial premise only to kill them.

  • Suicide
    Episode 31

    Joe Curran and brother Pete Curran worked for the syndicate at one time and brother Pete wants to make certain there are no loose ends.
    Pete is in town to "erase" Joe. A third man is along to see the job is done. Joe's wife Mary wants revenge after Joe is murdered.

  • Phony Cop
    Phony Cop
    Episode 32

    A wife contacts the HP with illicit crimes to cover her spouse’s robberies posing as a Highway Patrolman.


  • The Judge
    The Judge
    Episode 33

    Red Baker escapes from prison to avenge his long sentence by the judge who sent him there. Red has help from his cellmates' widow Carol Hayes, who supplies the necessary guns and transportation. Carol's car is proofed as the getaway vehicle by the Highway Patrol. Forcing a confessed whereabouts of Red, Dan Matthews proceeds to Red Baker's location to prevent the judges' assassination.

  • Dan's Vacation
    Dan's Vacation
    Episode 34

    Chief Dan Matthews vacations at a resort used by the new owners as a drug smuggling operation. Events unfold leading Dan to nab the bad guys in the act of their heroin movement.

  • Explosives
    Episode 35

    Larry Bolton has a gambling problem and is in debt. He also tells a lot of lies. This leads his wife to ask for a divorce and his boss to fire him from his job. His reaction is to abduct his wife and steal a truck full of dangerous chemicals to retaliate against his boss.

  • Hostage Officer
    Hostage Officer
    Episode 36

    Chopper patrolman crashes while chasing two suspected felons who take the unconscious officer as hostage.


  • Double Copter
    Double Copter
    Episode 37

    A daring escape by air of a life-sentenced(murder) prisoner leads the Highway Patrol on an air-search for the convict and his accomplices.


  • Dan Sick
    Dan Sick
    Episode 38

    Dan Mathews arrives at work feeling sick and weak from an unknown source. As the source is determined, Dan is treated and brought out of danger, but a young man's life is in jeopardy experiencing the same symptoms as Dan.

  • Reward
    Episode 39

    A wounded fugitive bank robber is holed up in a barn and has already killed three people. The barn owner and two of his fellow farmers risk their lives in order to collect a reward.