Highway Patrol - Season 4

(ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Frightened Witness
    Frightened Witness
    Episode 1

    When a couple of newlyweds witness the murder of a cafe employee and then flee, both the Highway Patrol and the murderer race to be the first to find them.

  • Hostage
    Episode 2

    A wounded killer will face first-degree murder charges if caught and, to avoid capture, takes a woman and her paraplegic mother hostage in hopes of getting away.

  • Family Affair
    Family Affair
    Episode 3

    A woman helps her husband escape police custody on his way to trial and helps him elude the search to find him before Chief Mathews discovers the wanted man's whereabouts.

  • Transmitter Danger
    Transmitter Danger
    Episode 4

    Sticks of dynamite and blasting caps are stolen by two men who plan on using them in yet unplanned criminal activities. Only they don't understand that radio signals can set the caps off at any time resulting in a very unpleasant result for them if they are near.

  • Gambling Story
    Gambling Story
    Episode 5

    A crook and his muscle plot to take over an illegal gambling house with the help of two others only to have it lead to murder.

  • Train Copter
    Train Copter
    Episode 6

    After killing his partner, a bank robber slips onto a train to retrieve the $35,000 he stole only to be confronted with Chief Dan Mathews in the Highway Patrol's helicopter.

  • Portrait Of Death
    Portrait Of Death
    Episode 7

    At first, the murder of an artist appears to be just a robbery gone bad. But after a drawing and a written description of the killer are found by the Highway Patrol, Dan Mathews' focus shifts to the artist's estranged wife and her companion.

  • Train Robbery
    Train Robbery
    Episode 8

    When two crooks learn that a train carrying a large shipment of government currency will be passing by, they plot to steal the money after causing the train to wreck.

  • Deadly Diamonds
    Deadly Diamonds
    Episode 9

    Using inside information, three people plan to steal $300,000 worth of diamonds. After a salesman dies, and a second robbery yields junk, Dan Mathews finds himself engaged in a high-speed pursuit.

  • Blood Money
    Blood Money
    Episode 10

    A railroad employee refuses to pay any more protection money to a couple of crooks and that decision leads to him being severely beaten and murdered.

  • False Confession
    False Confession
    Episode 11
    A warehouse is broken into and robbed by two men who end up killing the security guard. Jim Rogers witnesses the break-in and devises a plan where he'll confess and take the rap for the reward to benefit his impoverished family. Only when he finds out that the money doesn't come until after a court trial and conviction, he takes off.moreless
  • Confidence Game
    Confidence Game
    Episode 12

    An old man who gets taken in a swindle dies of a heart attack after he is severely assaulted when he asks the crook for his money back.

  • Split Robbery
    Split Robbery
    Episode 13

    Two crooks hit a group of grocery stores by holding the store managers' wives hostage during the robberies.

  • The Trap
    The Trap
    Episode 14

    Chief Dan Mathews sets a trap for a gang of mobsters using their crime boss as bait.

  • Expose
    Episode 15

    Protection racketeers who rough up an elderly motel owner make the columns of reporter Merrill Hartman. The crusading writer soon becomes the object of the criminals' ire.

  • Breath Of A Child
    Breath Of A Child
    Episode 16

    A sailor saves a young baby from choking little knowing he has meningitis. Highway Patrol scours the area to find him.

  • Narcotics Racket
    Narcotics Racket
    Episode 17

    Dan Mathews is in pursuit of two crooks who are posing as a federal agent and his prisoner to swindle business owners out of thousands of dollars with threats.

  • Copter Cave-In
    Copter Cave-In
    Episode 18

    An escaped prisoner murders a man and steals a car trying to get away. But roadblocks force the man into back country where he holds a prospector at gunpoint.

  • Gem Robbery
    Gem Robbery
    Episode 19

    The delivery of $35,000 of diamonds quickly turns into abduction and robbery.

  • Mexican Chase
    Mexican Chase
    Episode 20

    An auto theft ring is working the border between the United States and Mexico.

  • Framed Cop
    Framed Cop
    Episode 21

    After witnesses come forth accusing Sergeant Williams of hit-and-run, Chief Matthews can do nothing else but suspend him from duty while he investigates the crime.

  • The Collector
    The Collector
    Episode 22

    A wounded ex-con flees after accidentally killing a blackmailer in a struggle. Thinking he'll go down for murder, the badly injured man refuses to give himself up when confronted by Dan Mathews.

  • Revenge
    Episode 23

    A young man seeks revenge against a man whose car killed his father in an accident.

  • Brave Boy
    Brave Boy
    Episode 24

    After a man is killed and his wife injured by a thief, their small son is the only witness that can help Dan Mathews try to find the killer.

  • Diversion Robbery
    Diversion Robbery
    Episode 25

    A couple of crooks use harmless explosions to cause confusion so that they can commit crimes unnoticed.

  • Cargo Hijack
    Cargo Hijack
    Episode 26

    A hijack gang manages to stay ahead of arrest by committing heists over a wide area. Only after a truck driver is killed during a robbery do gang leaders Vance and Sheila Nolan change their way of doing business, delivering Chief Mathews his first break in the case.

  • Hitchhiker
    Episode 27

    The Parkers have devised a slick modus operandi. Joe thumbs a ride with unsuspecting drivers. He then robs them and meets Dolly at a spot they've decided on, only to set up the next mark. But all turns deadly for one good Samaritan when he fights back and gets murdered.

  • Illegal Entry
    Illegal Entry
    Episode 28
    A hustler named Ben Douglas has a sweet racket going. He smuggles illegal Mexicans into the United States and arranges for them to get work in the California fields, only to turn around and blackmail the same illegals with arrest by the police if they don't pay him off.
  • Killer On The Run
    Killer On The Run
    Episode 29

    Two middle-aged women have just done the kind deed of giving a man a ride. Only the man they've given the ride to is Les Curtis, a crook who has just burnt a bogus-currency printing outfit by taking twenty large of their funny money, and drawing a hit-man to his trail.

  • Prisoner Exchange Copter

    Racketeer Jack Avery just got unlucky when a hick sheriff managed to catch him. While the sheriff waits on the Highway Patrol, Avery manages to get contact one of his mechanics to come rescue him.

  • Dan Hostage
    Dan Hostage
    Episode 31

    Bungling holdup man, Ed Leggett, blows a restaurant robbery and shoots the owner, Cotton Harmon. Chief Mathews just happens upon the scene causing Legett to use the owner's wife as a hostage until Mathews convinces him to swap himself for the wife.

  • Women Escapees
    Women Escapees
    Episode 32

    Two women inmates, doing life for murder, manage to escape from the prison they are incarcerated at. After getting a car to stop for them, Lita Morgan and Caroline Craig murder again.

  • Auto Press
    Auto Press
    Episode 33

    After a husband and wife robbery team mess up a gas station job resulting in the owner getting killed, they hurry to ditch the car before the eventual Highway Patrol road block finds them.

  • Express Delivery
    Express Delivery
    Episode 34

    A gem courier is targeted by a couple of thieves who think he's carrying $200,000 in precious stones. They soon find out that the jewels are flying in that afternoon and plan to take the courier's place to receive them.

  • Desperate Men
    Desperate Men
    Episode 35

    A hospital boiler room has become the holdup spot for two killers after a botched robbery. With the Highway Patrol all around them, their offer in exchange for freedom is horrific.

  • Confession
    Episode 36

    When a bank robber tries to get away with all the money, he gets gunned down by the rest of the gang. Chief Mathews sets up a trap at the dead crook's hideout hoping the others will look there for the money.

  • Detour To Death
    Detour To Death
    Episode 37

    Unsuspecting motorists who follow what turns out to be a phoney detour sign wind up pulled over by just as phoney police officers in a fake cruiser. The drivers don't get tickets, but they do get robbed.

  • Fire
    Episode 38

    A farmer hires Jod Patterson as a worker, not knowing that Patterson is a pyromaniac wanted by the Highway Patrol for setting fire to a warehouse.

  • Bank Messenger
    Bank Messenger
    Episode 39

    The Highway Patrol is busily searching for Sue and Red Hammond, who just pulled double heists the same day, with Sue persuading the bank messengers away from the bank where Red puts a bullet in them and takes the loot.