Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 22

The Collector

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Episode Recap

As a second man is shot without explanation, HP identifies latest victim as an ex-con gone straight, another ex-con struggled with his blackmailer, shots him dead and is wounded, flees, his wife calls the HP and Chief Dan visits with his wife. The wounded man seeks medical help from a pharmacist at gunpoint, is given and pays for the items, flees again to a remote spot to repair his injured leg while the pharmacist calls the HP. Dan gets confirmation the dead man was killed with his own gun giving Dan reason to question why the fugitive ran. Fugitives' car stalls, leaves on foot for cover in rocks, while HP roadblock officer spots his car, Dan and Williams arrive there and get shot at from ex-con hiding in rocks. Dan had asked for HP pick up the wife, hoping she can reason with him and talk him into surrendering. His wife pleads with him, he surrenders, is cuffed, and an ambulance is called.