Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 8

Train Robbery

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Episode Recap

Ruthless criminal Lou tells the railway station manager of the planned derailment. Station manager Betty tips train dispatcher something isn't normal and opens the transmitter to outgoing conversations for the dispatcher to hear everything. In the train dispatcher's office, Dan Mathews hears Betty talk and plead with the lawbreakers, as he heads with Williams to Betty's station. Lou throws the switch to divert the train for a certain derailing crash, while Dan alerts HQ of his destination telling others not to approach the station area. Dan arrives nearby, parks offsite, approaches with Williams, other crook Wes notices HP walking toward the station. Lou uses Betty as a shield while Wes makes a fatal run for it, Williams shoots Wes and later knocks Lou's gun away. Betty saves the day throwing the switch back and Williams cuffs Lou, walking him to the squad car with Dan.