Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 4

Transmitter Danger

Aired Unknown Unknown on

Episode Recap

Two not-so-bright crooks steal several cases of dynamite along with blasting caps and a load of cash from a construction company work site. Bad guys Joe and Frank stow the dynamite and caps together in their trunk as they attempt to put distance between them and the burglary site. Chief Dan Mathews and Sgt. William learn that the caps that were stolen are radio triggered and a strong signal can set them off, which if they are next to the explosives...BOOM! Mathews warns all officers to stay off their radios as they set up road blocks to find the stolen goods. Joe and Frank get stopped by one of the blockades and Joe tries to use a box of dynamite to bargain their way out of the pinch. Only Joe doesn't know as much about explosives as Mathews does. Dan shoots right through the box and wounds the crook who asks why it didn't go off. Mathews explains that type of dynamite needs an explosion from a blasting cap to explode. Frank is arrested and transported in a cruiser while Joe has to wait for Matthews to drive to a safe distance before he can use his radio to call for an ambulance.

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