Highway Patrol

Season 4 Episode 32

Women Escapees

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Episode Recap

In a short amount of time escaped murderers killed motorist, took his car, subdued and tied up cleaners' employee while stealing money and clothes, hardware store shooting of clerk and robbery of guns. Figuring the cops would be wise to the stolen car, the women hijack a small bus with driver behind the wheel. Dan and Sgt. Williams are on the trail, getting dispatched reports of each crime committed by the women. Bus stops for roadblock, driver lies to HP, bus goes on, but HP knows the bus is usually full as dispatcher confirms; HP follow suspicious bus. HP turns around where the bus went along the recent turnoff, bus stops, women leave on foot and split up. HP learns from driver they are on foot as Dan catches up to brunette, she shoots, runs out of bullets, captured by Dan, Larrabee cuffs her as she sobs. Williams chases blond, she shoots, he calls her Caroline as she gives up, he cuffs her. Both cuffed ladies are lead away to squads.