Highway to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 2

A Song for Jason (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1985 on NBC

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  • Big improvement over Season 1 opener

    I found the Season 2 two-part opener a big improvement over the Season 1 debut episodes. Season 2 used much better dialogue, I thought: not so corny, and much more natural. The episode also had a revealing educational side featuring a nurse describing medical procedures and hospital life for kids with cancer.

    The storyline about the over-protective mother bordered on exaggeration, I thought. On the one hand, she runs to the hospital the first time her boy coughs and sneezes. Yet when doctors from that same hospital say it's okay for her son to attend summer camp, she patronizes them saying that they don't have to stay up and be at the kid's side 24/7 like she does.

    I thought the show would do more with Barry Williams' character. But it was basically a cameo.

    I didn't care for the sing-along ending - the closeup of the kids holding hands was way corny.