Highway to Heaven

Season 4 Episode 8

All the Colors of the Heart

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is not the first time Landon has used the series as a platform to tell the stories of the handicapped. In season one, quadriplegic James Troesch appeared in three episodes. In both cases, Landon allowed these men to take a part in the development of scripts that used elements from their own lives.

    • Tom Sullivan reprises the role of Frank in season 5's episode Summer Camp.

      Summer Camp

  • Quotes

    • Scott: Are you married?
      Frank: Me? No; much too young.
      Scott: You don't look it.
      Frank: Thanks. How about you? Married?
      Scott: No.
      Frank: Thinking about it?
      Scott: Not anymore.
      Frank: Because you're going blind?
      Scott: I'd say that was a pretty good reason.
      Frank: I think it's a VERY STUPID one.

  • Notes

    • Landon gives guest star Tom Sullivan the chance to tell his own real-life story in this episode. Sullivan not only co-wrote the script with Parke Perine, but he also performs the title song, 'All The Colors Of The Heart.'

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