Highway to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 15

Change of Life

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 1986 on NBC

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  • Anne Marie Martin makes it watchable.

    Here we have another Freaky Friday episode only with adults. Whoever wrote this mess ought to be ashamed. Its starts off with Mark Gordon has to work as a hairdresser which is a gay stereotypical job. Then you have Linda Blackwell telling Mark that lets have some girl talk. That is another antigay remark. Then we have the switcharoo and they became each other. With AnneMarie Martin as Mark does a great job it is Victor French as Linda is completely embarrassing. He is no way playing a woman but a super efffiminate gay male. He/she goes to a store and puts on lipstick and wants to put on high heels only to be stopped by Jonathan. Then you have the ending where Mark and a bull switching places. What a fitting ending to this disgrace.
  • Oustanding job by Anne-Marie Martin.

    Humor is usually on the corny side in this series, at least in the first season. But this was one comic episode that worked.

    The plot was the familiar body-switching trick, used here as God's way of teaching two people not to make assumptions about the opposite sex.

    Anne-Marie Martin was splendid as the movie actress. She imitated Mark Gordon's persona to sheer perfection. I especially loved the scenes involving the pizza and inviting the security guard to pool and beer. Martin even nailed Mark's speech mannerisms.

    Victor French, on the other hand, was far less successful in imitating the actress. Overall, he looked more like a stereotyped effiminate transexual, not at all like the actress.

    Contemporary viewers may be put off by the sexual stereotyping and border-line homophobia in this episode.