Highway to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 24


Aired Unknown May 07, 1986 on NBC

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  • An effective illustration of true friendship

    Season 2 ends with a story about friendship. Stories like this can easily lapse into saccharin, but I think this one worked.

    Judy Carmen did a fine job in a painfully emotional role. Seeing her filling her sugar craving by ordering donuts for a girls club that she doesn't even belong to was brilliant. I was expecting the story to do more with her secret crush on Jack. It certainly explained her surprise when she was assigned to be the boy's math tutor.

    Another story element never developed was the school essay assignment about friendship. It would have been interesting to see what Jenny and Jack would write after their experiences with each other compared with the treacherous "friend" Arlene.

    Darren Dalton was believable as the teen jock whose high-school dropout father has become his role model regarding the (lack of) importance of a diploma.

    I was also impressed by the scene of the mother taking a stand regarding her son's education. That she was ready to leave her family if Jack dropped out was certainly reckless. But it demonstrated her absolute conviction that the family men were clearly in the wrong.
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