Highway to Heaven

Season 1 Episode 1

Highway to Heaven (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1984 on NBC

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  • Michael Landon and Victor French, make a great team in this pilot to the series, great story and great acting and this is one of those stories that will touch your heart and soul and the spirit.

    The Pilot takes off when jonathan find work in the rest home for the elderly folk, and the main storyline is that he helps the elderly folk, who are in trouble, as the rest home is up for sale and going to be bulldozed.
    So jonathan takes the elderly folk and they go to the races and gamble, one of the elderly folk places the bet, and just before he prays.
    The race starts and the horse they bet didn't win, even after a inquiry to do with the race, but no 7 wins and so it seems that they have lost it all, but the elderly guy looks at the ticket and for some reason there was a mistake with the choice, it was no 7, so the boss had something to do with this, and they all rejoice and celebrate, knowing that they are homefree and no lost.
    Also among all this and between this, jonathan meets mark, who he meets through his sister, who works at the rest home and mark has problems and jonathan helps him with some angel help and he helps jonathan with this assignment, and it ends with mark teaming up with jonathan, and thats how the series starts.