Highway to Heaven

Season 1 Episode 12

Hotel of Dreams

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1984 on NBC

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  • A better written episode...

    I was glad to finally see a more maturely written episode of this series with a more complicated plot-line, juggling three or four different story lines. Perhaps this is due the use of a different writer, Paul Wolff, who seems to have only done one episode of Highway to Heaven. This is why I gave it a rating of 9.7, not because the story-line is that great (it's not bad at all, by any means) but rather because of these several sub-plots. This style of show writing is used way more often these days in modern TV series, still nothing new for 1984 however.

    Also, as noted in the notes to this series, Jonathan reveals to Mark that he dies of lung cancer from smoking. However, at least form the stand-point of the DVD release, this little tid-bit is not written into the episode at all, only the episode preview before the opening credits. This does further make me believe, as others had commented previously, that there has been several scenes cut by A&E for its syndication. Which is what we have here for the DVD release, the syndicated AND trimmed showings of the entire series.
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