Highway to Heaven

Season 3 Episode 10

Man to Man

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1986 on NBC

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  • A father's unconditional dying love for his son, requests Mark's immediate help to get through to his son, who refuses to do anything with him, let alone talk. Using common sense and a little of "the stuff", Mark slowley gives his best friend the best gif

    When the show originally aired, I was a teenager and didn't really care to watch it. But it was my mom's favorite show. When she passed away from cancer in 2003, I was lucky enough to get to say my goodbyes during the last 3 weeks of her life. Her death really devastated me and I found myself putting her and I in the show's theme, which caused me to cry really hard, just like I did when she passed away. The show really is good about depicting the "everyday" family life's comfort level and that most families end up taking each other's day to day presence for granit. This show was slightly different in that the son and dad loved each other but didn't know how to talk one on one, therefore they both thought the other did love the other one, until Mark tells the boy his father is dying. I think the boy's attitude changes a little to quickly and that the writer should have spent a little more time on that issue, instead of just doing a 180 and being all lovey/dovey. Plus, I think it would have been a nice ending touch for Mark to let his friend know what Johnathan and him were really doing there and to end the show by showing the dad that life does truely goes on. Also, showing that it would be an honor for the son to take over the family business, strongly reminding his son that one day down the road if he has a son or daughter, not to make the same mistake he made aboutalways expecting to be the winner. Maybe I am asking a little too much, but I feel if those few little changes would have been made to the movies guidelines, it would have scored a perfect 10 in my book......thks: Scott Wehrman Mancos,Colorado
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