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  • Where did Highway to Heaven go??

    I am absolutely HOOKED on Highway to Heaven! FETV must have dropped it? I cannot find it on any channel. The TV I watch it on does not have a DVD player so buying the CD program does not solve the problem. happened FETV???
  • Great show, Great message

    My children (ages 12 and 13) currently watch this program on FETV. We love this show because of the faith and morals displayed. We were fans of Little House so we naturally took to watching Victor French and Michael Landon on this program. I do not remember watching this as a child but I am glad I have found it now. This program opens the door for questions and communication about difficult issues.

    Both Michael Landon and Victor French did an excellent job in this series and are missed as individuals and as actors.
  • Amazing show that should NOT be missed! Make it a family night!

    FANTASTIC series with bold definition of morals and religion. Some episodes can be a little heavy for children as some matters discussed are more understood by adults or young teens (racism, illness, divorce, adultry, death, drugs, gangs etc) However the show does provide solid rolemodlels and "lessons". Jonathan Smith (Landon) is an angel sent to earth to help people in need. Being an angel, he's a great example of the 'ideal' human being and in that way is a great character to look up to. He's NOT, however entirely perfect, and in some episodes makes mistakes or is left with a challenging situation of whats wrong and whats right. Mark Gordan (French) is Jonathan's human friend who goes along helping him with 'assigniments' from the boss (God). Mark is a fantastic character, as he is human and makes plenty of mistakes than Jonathan *highlights* for the viewer to recognize. All in all, its a faboulous show that should not be missed!
  • "The Whole Nine Yards" 4/27/1988

    Highway to Heaven: "The Whole NIne Yards" (1988) This episode is with Chad Allen; and, myself. This is THE best acting job I ever had. I wanted to thank Chad Allen for being a great acting partner in this episode. And, Mr Landon, you were the coolest. It was an absoutute honor working with you.

    Whoever does not believe :) I don't care :)
  • Bring It Back in Michael Landons Honor !

    As a Christian I have to say I also loved watching Highway To Heaven. It was a show that I watched all the time and I would continue to watch if it was still playing new episodes, even though Michael Landon was the Best.There must be someone out there that could play this part good in Honor of him. I was so disappointed when they took it off the air. They need to bring it back on the air, like I said with a new actor in Michaels Honor. It was one of the GREATEST shows ever and I really enjoyed watching it. I try to catch the reruns when I can, but it's just not the same as when you watch a newly released episode. I miss watching it and was really disappointed when it was taken off the air, not to mention that the show had a lot of inspirational points and stories that touched me and I'm sure it touched many others as well. And had some great lessons for everyone in it. Please put it back on the air in Michaels Honor.
  • A Great Show!

    Highway to Heaven is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. It was a great show with great acting by Landon and French (who were also both awesome in Little House on the Prairie), and both of them also did some directing and/or writing on the show. The was was a dramatic show but always very uplifting, it was one of those shows that just made you feel good to watch. The basic premise has French playing a retired police officer who becomes a sidekick to Landon, an angel who has been sent back to earth to help people in order to win back his wings. One of the all time classic shows that definitely deserves more love!
  • quality family programming

    i used to watch this show with my entire family. i can not remember what night it came on, but we all watched it toghether. in a time when shows like the a-team, hunter, and hill street blues dominated the airwaves, this show was much more family friendly. it got a little preachy at times, but it was after all a show about and angel.
  • The show was wholesome fun that everyone could enjoy

    So much can change in the matter of 20 years. It even seems unreal that "Highway to Heaven" was that long ago, but when I stop and think of how the times have changed since then, it does seems like a long time ago. This show was good wholesome fun back when having a show about God and an angel was all right and actually did well enough to garner ratings.

    Back before the ACLU was known by everyone and the controversies of taking out words like "Christmas" from commercials and biblical artifacts from public places were prevalent, came a show about a gentler time. While Michael Landon had some skeletons on his closet in his personal life (who doesn't?), he had a way of presenting shows that made people feel good, and this one was no exception. Landon and French also had a very positive chemistry and nobody on tv could bring my mother to tears like Michael Landon.

    Some of these shows still hold up today, and while some people may say the show is too sweet and sappy, I am proud to say this is one of my faves, even now in days when things are darker and even more cynical.
  • Highway To Heaven best describes the meaning of this show. As you live your life, it's always great helping people out and caring for one another. Highway To Heaven is a long road, but helping people and making the world a better place is what Jonathan a

    Everyone believes this show is for 'religious' people and it's not. It's ever everyone and it doesn't matter what religion you practice.

    The lesson we all learn from this show is to care for people and help one another. Caring and helping others doesn't have anything to do with a specific religion.

    I truly enjoyed this show, as it airs on TVLand in reruns. This is truly an inspirational show.