Highway to Heaven

NBC (ended 1989)





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  • Bring It Back in Michael Landons Honor !

    As a Christian I have to say I also loved watching Highway To Heaven. It was a show that I watched all the time and I would continue to watch if it was still playing new episodes, even though Michael Landon was the Best.There must be someone out there that could play this part good in Honor of him. I was so disappointed when they took it off the air. They need to bring it back on the air, like I said with a new actor in Michaels Honor. It was one of the GREATEST shows ever and I really enjoyed watching it. I try to catch the reruns when I can, but it's just not the same as when you watch a newly released episode. I miss watching it and was really disappointed when it was taken off the air, not to mention that the show had a lot of inspirational points and stories that touched me and I'm sure it touched many others as well. And had some great lessons for everyone in it. Please put it back on the air in Michaels Honor.