Highway to Heaven

NBC (ended 1989)





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  • Amazing show that should NOT be missed! Make it a family night!

    FANTASTIC series with bold definition of morals and religion. Some episodes can be a little heavy for children as some matters discussed are more understood by adults or young teens (racism, illness, divorce, adultry, death, drugs, gangs etc) However the show does provide solid rolemodlels and "lessons". Jonathan Smith (Landon) is an angel sent to earth to help people in need. Being an angel, he's a great example of the 'ideal' human being and in that way is a great character to look up to. He's NOT, however entirely perfect, and in some episodes makes mistakes or is left with a challenging situation of whats wrong and whats right. Mark Gordan (French) is Jonathan's human friend who goes along helping him with 'assigniments' from the boss (God). Mark is a fantastic character, as he is human and makes plenty of mistakes than Jonathan *highlights* for the viewer to recognize. All in all, its a faboulous show that should not be missed!