Highway to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 22

Sail Away

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 1986 on NBC

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  • Sensitive work by Oscar nominee Lew Ayres

    Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Lew Ayres gives a sensitive portrayal of an aging former novelist who insists he is being visited by a high school crush even though she has been dead for 58 years. Ayres acting is subtle and rather noble.

    Davis S. Eisner plays Todd the grandson. It was obvious from the start that Todd deeply resented having Frank around, but the reason seemed elusive to me. I thought his main grief was not wanting to be bothered with his Frank's living needs. But it wasn't until the end after he reads Frank's note that I finally realized that the cause of his long-running bitterness was the desire for his writing talent to be accepted by his best-selling grandfather.

    The storyline seemed to have some holes. The island home that Frank moves into is in fact in total disrepair. Mark Gordon even wondered how Frank could stand living there. When Frank invites Jonathan and Mark to dinner, I was expecting to see some clever TV work in which Jonathan and Mark are trying to enjoy a sit-down meal among the dust and cobwebs while Frank is happily serving them their food. But instead, the clean, immaculate interior that was originally only in Frank's imagination had become reality. Todd's wife had volunteered to clean the place "a little;" there was no way one person could clean up an entire house, replace all the furniture, and even repaint the walls.

    I didn't care for the voice-over ending about the books. After the moving sailboat scene, the hokey images of the book covers seemed to spoil the mood.

    Interesting trivia: Frank refers to a new Greta Garbo film while he is listening on a phone call. Ayres co-starred with Greta Garbo in the 1929 film "The Kiss."

    Ashley Laurence, star of the Hellraiser films, appears as the ghost of Genna.