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Highway to Heaven

Season 1 Episode 21

The Brightest Star

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 1985 on NBC
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The Brightest Star
Jonathan and Mark meet a child star whose fame is spoiling her rotten, destroying her family and taking away her childhood.

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      • Laurie: (to the director)...I told you to give my character those lines, not to change the lines! Now they're no good anymore!

        Director: Those lines were written for a different character; I had to change them for your character; otherwise, they wouldn't have made sense.

        Laurie: I'm only gonna tell you once...Change them back to the way they were; and then make them make sense! (She slams into her dressing room, and the cardboard star falls off.)

        (The Director and Producer trade looks of exasperation.)

        Director: That tears it. I don't care how much she's worth at the box office; she'll never work for me again! There's other young actresses out there; some of them are actually human beings.

        Producer: Not so fast. I do the firing around here, and since I was crazy enough to sign her up in the first place...

        Director: You're really gonna do it?

        Producer: ...No, I'm not. But I'll feel better just saying it.

      • Jonathan: (on Laurie) ...She's got everything she wants, but not everything she needs.

        Mark: What could a kid like her possibly need?

        Jonathan: That's just it: she needs to be a kid.

        Mark: Isn't she already a kid?

        (They look on as Laurie demands that the "good" lines in the script, intended for another character, be given to her own character...without even being rewritten to suit her role!)

        Jonathan: When did you ever catch a kid treating anybody like that?

      • (A fully-clothed Laurie gets blown, by the wind, into her swimming pool.)

        Mark: Bravo, Jonathan!

        Jonathan: Ah, that wasn't me. (indicates skyward)

        Mark: (to God) Bravo, Boss.

      • Carla: Laurie? Your mom says you should come in and go over your lines.

        Laurie: Tell my mother it's a beautiful day out here; I'll go over my lines when and if I feel like it.

        Carla: I can't tell your mom that!

        Laurie: You'll tell my mother whatever I say you'll tell my mother!

      • Jonathan: It must feel pretty good. After all the nasty things Lori's done to you, now it's your turn to be the star.
        Carla: I know I shouldn't be thinking anything bad about Lori, but--
        Jonathan: But you're only human.
        Carla: So that means it's okay?
        Jonathan: No. I said you're only human. I didn't say it was okay. Look, I know Lori's done a lot of rotten things to you, but you have to remember, she's an unhappy little girl. She wasn't like that before everybody started treating her like the Queen of Sheba.
        Carla: Did you know her then?
        Jonathan: No, but a friend of mine did. Said she was a good kid. Then, all of a sudden, she wasn't a kid anymore. She was a star. Anything she wanted, she got, just to keep her happy. And not because people really liked her, oh no. It was because all of all the money she made for them. You're gonna find out. It's not gonna be easy. It wasn't easy for Lori. You know, my guess is she could use a real friend about now. You could be that friend.
        Carla: Me?
        Jonathan: Mm-hmm, you. You know, being kind to a friend is easy. Being kind to an enemy takes a little effort. And who knows? You just might end up with another friend.

      • Mr. Parks: (to the director) You're a wimp. An 11-year-old girl says Jump, and you say, How high on the way up?
        Lori: Daddy!
        Mr. Parks: What is it with this screwy place? She's a kid, for goodness sake! Somebody's gotta tell her off. You're all so busy bowing and scraping, you've let her become a royal pain in the behind!
        Laurie: Daddy, I'm warning you--
        Mr. Parks: Be quiet! I'm your father. You don't warn me about anything.
        Laurie: How dare you! Security, throw this drunk out!
        Mr. Parks: You don't have to call security; I was just leaving. And I'm not drunk; for the first time in a long while, I'm sober. It actually feels pretty good, too.

      • Martha: Do you ever wish you could be Lori?
        Carla: No.
        Martha: Never?
        Carla: (pauses) Sometimes. She has so many pretty things. Dresses, and dolls, and bicycles, and jewelry. And she's in the movies!
        Martha: With all those things, is she happy?
        Carla: No. She must be crazy! (they both laugh) Do you ever wish you could trade places with Mrs. Parks?
        Martha: No.
        Carla: Never?
        Martha: Well....maybe sometimes, when I see a pretty dress for you in the store.
        Carla: Who needs it? I mean, it would be nice, but who needs it, right?

      • Mrs. Parks: I don't believe it. What do you mean you lost her? Did you look in all her usual places?
        Bodyguard: Yeah, but I--
        Mrs. Parks: You know, you are paid a sizable sum of money to make sure this doesn't happen!
        Bodyguard: I am paid by the studio, lady, not you. And besides, if she's so easy to control, how come you can't do it? You're supposed to be her mother.

      • Mark: How much for the little girl's order?
        Ice Cream Attendant: For a double scoop, that'll be $2.75.
        Mark: As in two dollars and seventy five cents?!?
        Ice Cream Attendant: That's correct.
        Mark: Good thing she didn't order a banana split. I would have had to take out a loan!

      • Carla: (about Laurie) Why is she so unhappy?
        Jonathan: Well, because fame isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when you start believing you're as important as people think you are. You make sure that never happens to you.

      • Mrs. Parks: (after Laurie runs away, costing the studio an entire day's worth of filming) I was worried about you, Laurie.
        Laurie: More about me than about the shooting schedule?
        Mrs. Parks: That's not fair!
        Laurie: Tell me about it, Mom.

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