Highway to Heaven

Season 2 Episode 10

The Monster (1)

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1985 on NBC

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  • "The Monster" was the very best episode that Highway To Heaven ever produced!

    Michael Landon,had a stand-out cast with this episode of Highway To Heaven,"The Monster". It was,frankly,the best episode of the series ever filmed. The whole "Beauty and the Beast" theme entertwined with the marriage problems of re-occurring character Scotty,the quadrapalegic attorney,,mark this as the watershed of the entire series.
    Ann Doran,as Mrs.Bradley,was simply wonderful as the pathetically horrid mother. Everything she did to"help" her son Julian was the absolute wrong thing to do. Her constant reminders to her son of his affliction,nearly drove him to the brink of madness and dispair. Jeff Kober,as the young artist Julian Bradley,was superb. This was one of Kober's earliest attempts at acting and he pulled off a rather complex character(for Highway to Heaven)with grace and style. This was also a different role for Kober,in that it was a positive character and not a ruffian of some type that he has come to play so often in his later career. James Trosch,as Scotty,was envariably a scene stealer-the wit and charm of this man has been lost and it is a shame that he didn't do more work on television. He still appears on Youtube once in a while and it is always a treat to see him there. Michael Landon and Victor French were their usual selves as Jonathan and Mark-saving the day or the relationship. The strength of this series and particularly this episode,was the guest star cast-just grand.
  • Individual actors stand out

    What impressed the most about this episode was not so much the story but the fine work of some of the actors.

    First of all, consider Ann Doran as the "Monster"'s mother, Mrs Bradley. To me, she was the real "monster" of this episode. Over-protective and paranoid, she has basically done more to ruin her son's life than his facial disability ever did. She not only refuses to allow him to be with other people, she has even gone so far as to shut all the windows to keep others from looking inside. It shouldn't surprise her, then, when curious neighbors start spreading fantastical rumors about her son. Ann Doran was absolutely convincing in her portrayal.

    Jeff Kober, a veteran TV and film actor, is seen in some of his earliest work as Julian/Clark Bradley. I thought it was interesting that the series cast a rather good-looking actor to play a disfigured recluse. The disability is family-friendly: it looks like a burn mark on the left side of his face. Some of Julian's lines got a little syrupy, but Kober did well with what he had, avoiding any stereotypical behavior and giving us a character with "character."
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