Highway to Heaven

Season 1 Episode 4

The Return of the Masked Rider

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1984 on NBC

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  • Silly, and a disapointing yawner!

    It is too early in the run of this series to have such a lackluster episode. It is almost as if the writer, Dan Gordon, could not decide between a serious vein and a comedic story and as a result fails miserably at both. Perhaps it may even be better for me to avoid episodes done by the same writer, though since he has been credited with 30 some-odd episodes, I'll give him more of a chance before I make that call.

    Furthermore, even though this episode is over 20 years old, it seems really dated in its naivety in how it portrays the elderly trying to recapture a spirit of lost youth during the scenes where they "suit up" in their former TV costumes from the 40's to "save the day" and end up looking like complete doddering fools in their comical Will Rogers and Tonto attire. Is this how Dan Gordon really views old age? Perhaps now, 20 years later, he has a little more personal familiarity with his own age, and a more realistic view.

    As an ending comment, though this relates more the the DVD release of the first season, it seems whomever put this DVD set together did a poor job with little, or more likely, no work at all on cleaning up the video. This episode particularly was so dark and off-contrast that I could not distinguish at times between Victor French and the black actors. Even though it was largely shot indoors, at times all I could see where teeth and eyeballs, and if I didn't know better, someone, somewhere, was not overly concerned with how this might come across as.

    My verdict - what a raging disappointment! At least wait until later on in the series run to use fillers, not in the first five episodes of the first season! Wow what we have learned in the years since about how to capture ratings!