Highway to Heaven

Season 4 Episode 17

We Have Forever (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1988 on NBC

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  • Not my favorite ep.

    I usually love Highway to Heaven, but this episode (and it's second part) I just could not get into. The episode is about Jonathan's wife from his past life dying, but 'The Boss' (God) will not let Jonathan come back to heaven to be with her as he has more assignments to accomplish. Jonathan rebels and loses his angelic powers and becomes like any other mortal, as well as breaks away from Mark. Jonathan then meets a young woman after saving her from drowning herself and falls in love with her.

    The whole idea seems a little far fetched for me. I mean, for Jonathan to be experiencing this heartbreak of losing Jane, that's fine. But for him to completely go away from what he's been doing all this time and just lose it and go mad? That's what I cannot grasp. There's even a scene when Jonathan breaks a theatre sign and gets arrested, and I didn't like it. It seems almost out of character for Jonathan, and Michael Landon just put his own thoughts and feelings as to what he would do in that situation instead. And to even distance himself from Mark since he has so much grief, that just doesn't make too much sense. What really gets me is the fact that Jonathan would willingly fall for a woman who looks nearly twenty years younger than him (Hunley was 33 while Landon was 52 years of age at the time). Yes Jonathan is now a mortal and not an angel, but you would still think that he would have some of that sense still with him, and he wouldn't be that desperate for something after losing his wife. Many like this episode, and that's fine with me, but I personally don't care for this because of how they wrote Jonathan's character and made him filled with so much hate.