Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Chiba TV Premiered Apr 04, 2006 In Season


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  • Season 2
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Juuichi - Oshimai
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Juu - Kessen
      It is time for the showdown. The gang has fled to the mountains, waiting to fight the Yamainu. When the Yamainu send in all they have to surround and kill the gang, the fight reaches its peak. Meanwhile, Irie, Akasaka, Komui and Shion head towards the clinic, and they quickly gain control of the underground area. There, Shion can finally see Satoshi again.
      At the mountains, the gang is taking down most of the Yamainu, by various traps as well as psychological warfare. However, when Takano shows up, what will the outcome be?
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Kyuu - Koubou
      As Tomitake gets caught, things start to heat up. Irie, rushing towards the Sonozaki House, ends up crashing his car, but he is picked up buy the unknowing Shion, who is heading towards Hinamizawa. They take him to the Sonozaki House, but they end up getting followed, and they barricade themselves in the underground area together with the rest of the gang. The Yamainu break into the area with explosives, and they almost manage to catch Rika, despite Shion and Kamui's heroic effort to stop them. However, Akasaka, having received Irie's distress call, barely manages to save Rika, and the others manage to fight their way out as well.moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Hachi - Yonjuu-hachi Jikan
      The plan against Takano is commenced, and the false information about Rika being dead works well, causing the Yamainu to be in complete disarray. However, the Yamainu finds out that it might be false information, and realize it is an enemy attack. As things develop, the Yamainu seems to be pushed back, but nothing is certain yet...moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Nana - Torappu
      Rika meets with Irie and Tomitake, and tells them about what she learned earlier. Later, Rika reveals everything to her friends, but this time she's not disguising it. What's strange, they actually believe it, and they begin to make plans to fight Takano. Furthermore, Satoko's stigma as a traitor is fading away. Now, everything seems to go the right way.moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Roku - Makuake
      Hanyuu has finally decided to show herself at school, and she fits in right away. She also joins the club, and makes friends with the gang pretty easily. Later on, she also tells Rika what happened in the previous Hinamizawa, and we get to know the true identity of Hanyuu. Rika learns of Emergency Manual #34, and how the Hinamizawa Disaster is planned in detail by Takano's organization. Also, she manages to get her friends to help her with finding out the reason for why Takano would want to exterminate Hinamizawa, through disguising everything as a plot for a manga she's working on.moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Go - Saigo no Koma
      More of Satoshi's past is revealed. We find that he also sees thing wrongly; and that after he has killed his aunt, he sees her in other people. When he begins to scratch his throat, Irie takes him to the clinic. Also, Rika and Hanyuu meets Keiichi's dad, and says that they have been expecting someone like him to show up. At the same time, Mion's grandmother tells her that someone new moving into the village will be like fresh air, and also that whoever moves in may be able to remove the Shoujo family's stigma as traitors.moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Yon - Bouryaku
      We get further information about the research at the Irie institution. We also get to know how Irie feels about the research. Furthermore, we get to know the reason as to why Takano wants to kill Rika and thus causing every Hinamizawa villager to die. Later, Oishi makes Irie realize what really happened to Satoko's parents. The real truth behind Oyashiro-sama's curse is revealed later on. Finally, Takano ends up getting turned down by Tokyo, and everything seems lost to her.moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono San - Owari no
      Through some flashbacks, we get more info on the internal fight in Hinamizawa during the Dam War, the research that was being done at the Irie Institution, as well as the first Hinamizawa Murder Incident. All along, Hanyuu is complaining on how powerless she is all the time, unable to help anyone, unable to stop Takano's determination and will.moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Ni - Ugomeki
      Takano gets taken back to the orphanage, where she is punished. However, Dr. Takano comes to get her out of there, and she begins her life with him, calling him "grandfather". Dr. Takano is researching the Hinamizawa Syndrome, but he gets rejected when applying for funds, and he is also advised to stop researching the Syndrome. This, however, only leads to Takano getting more and determined about following up her grandfather's research when he dies.moreless
    • Matsuribayashi-hen Sono Ichi - Miyo
      Through a series of flashbacks, Takano's past is revealed, from when she was with her grandfather to when she was orphaned and had to live at an orphanage with an abusing owner. However, she fled from that orphanage, and "confronts" God during a thunderstorm , asking him to either kill her or turn around her fortune.moreless
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono Hachi - Shumatsu
      Everything is nearing an end, as the Yamainu is planning to kill Rika. However, her friends come to her aid at the last moment, and Rika understand that when everyone believes, they can indeed fight fate. However, when everyone gets killed anyway, what went wrong? Before they are reborn into the next Hinamizawa, they all agree that when believing, together they can change fate. The reason they didn't do it this time was because there was someone with them all along who never believed.moreless
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono Nana - Hinamizawa Shoukougun
      Rika hears from the police that Irie is the culprit, but she is unsure about how true that is; she doesn't know who to choose between him and Takano. Also, Rika ends up telling her friends all about the Hinamizawa Syndrome, and how she is related to it. Furthermore, as Oishi is heading towards her home, he stops when he sees some mysterious men...moreless
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono Roku - Tsuyoi Ishi
      As everything heats up, the gang finally gets Satoko to admit that her uncle abuses her, and he ends up being taken away by the police. With Watanagashi the next day, everything seems to move towards a happy end. The last thing Rika needs to do is to protect Takano and Tomitake during the Watanagashi Festival. However, when the true culprit finally comes forth, will this world have a happy end or not?moreless
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono Go - Taiketsu
      The fight for Satoko is heating up, as the gang appeals to the Village Council to help Satoko. However, there's one obstacle: Oryou, Shion and Mion's grandmother. After an intense discussion, they manage to convince her; mostly due to Keiichi's spirit. As more and more people gather outside the Child Counseling Office, the director there eventually comes out, and they make a call to Teppei.moreless
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono Yon - Koushou
      The gang tries to appeal to the Child Counseling Center, first alone, and then they gather the whole class. However, they still won't listen to them. When Satoko returns to school, she refuses to say that she is abused, and things don't seem to go well. However, they gather a lot more people, and they visit the Child Counseling Center once more. It is during that meeting that Rika realizes what she has to do.moreless
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono San - Yuragi
      When Satoko's uncle return, Rika gets extremely upset about it, and when Takano's organization can't do anything, she loses faith in a happy end yet again. Later, Chie visits Teppei's house, but gets turned away by him when asking about Satoko. This results in Shion getting mad, and she speaks of killing Teppei. However, she is stopped by the others. Later, Mion, Keiichi and Rena discuss why Satoko doesn't want to admit that she's abused, and they decide to do something to help her.moreless
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono Ni - Unmei no Kaekata
      The gang is organizing an auction for the Watanagashi Festival, and Keiichi yet again remembers something from a different Hinamizawa. Furthermore, the others also remember things from previous Hinamizawas. Several things which usually would happen doesn't happen either. Rika begins her fight against fate, and it starts out well.
    • Minagoroshi-hen Sono Ichi - Meiro no Housoku
      Rika explains about the differing worlds of Hinamizawa, and about the rules of the differing Hinamizawas. When she finds herself in a new Hinamizawa, she is very down, since she expects everything to be the same. However, Keiichi, halfway knowing what is going on, tells her one can fight fate, and some events with him also lead Rika to believe that this is true.moreless
    • Yakusamashi-hen Sono Yon - Hinamizawa Daisaigai
      Satoko gets increasingly worried about Rika. Her worrying is confirmed when Rika gets taken away by a gang of men. Satoko goes out later, finds Rika's dead body and gets discovered by the same men who killed Rika, forcing her to flee. She manages to lose them, and somehow she also survives the Great Hinamizawa Disaster the very same night. When she wakes up in a hospital, she realizes something very important, but it's too late.moreless
    • Yakusamashi-hen Sono San - Yotei Chouwa
      At the day of the Watanagashi festival, the gang's club activities consist of eating contests, and as usual, it ends with Keiichi losing. Later, Rika tries without success to warn Tomitake to not enter the shrine. Satoko notices Rika talking to Tomitake, and when she notices someone spying on the two of them, she gets even more worried about Rika.moreless
    • Yakusamashi-hen Sono Ni - Muryoku
      The gang is visiting the Watanagashi festival site during the preparations, and Keiichi learns about the festival. Later, they participate in a baseball fight, but they are losing due to the pitcher of the opposing team. However, when Keiichi threatens to reveal the pitcher's deepest secrets, the tide of the battle may turn. Also, Satoko is becoming increasingly worried about Rika due to her unusual behavior, but when she tells it to the gang, they just say that she is imagining things.moreless
    • Yakusamashi-hen Sono Ichi - Onigokko
      At school, the gang plays a long game of zombie tag, which includes both psychological warfare as well as a surprising twist at the end. When returning home, Keiichi learns of the successive Hinamizawa murders. Satoko also starts to notice that something is wrong with Rika, since she starts to behave strangely.moreless
    • Saikai
      Episode 1
      This episode takes place in 2007, after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. Akasaka, Oishi, an adult Rena, and another policeman reflect on what happened twenty-four years before.
  • Season 1