Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 12

And so they began to run

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2003 on

Episode Recap

The match between Hikaru and Murakami continues. Tsujioka watches form the sidelines. He thinks that Hikaru has tricked Murakami into thinking that Murakami is winning in the center, but he really isn't. Hikaru made Murakami waste a lot of moves in the center. Murakami than resigns. Tsujioka than thinks that Hikaru is Akira's rival. As Murakami leaves, Sakamaki enters the room. He spots Hikaru and calls him into his office. He asks Hikaru if he will be coming to all his matches for now on. Hikaru cheerfully says yes. Sakamaki than asks Hikaru if he got the parings for the first preliminaries of the Meijin title match. Hikaru says he did. Sakamaki tells him that he will be playing Akira 3-dan first. Hikaru, with much enthusiasm, responds, "YES!" Sakamaki wishes him good luck. Hikaru leaves, and Amano enters. Sakamaki tells Amano that Kuwabara thinks of Hikaru as Akira's rival. Amana says he already knows. Sakamaki says that Hikaru seems like any impolite kid to him. They then talk about the pro exams and wonder who will pass. Sakamaki says that whoever does, he hopes they won't skip matches like Hikaru has. It's the next day, and the pro exam preliminaries begin. Isumi walks into the building and meets some of his old friends. As the game starts, Shinoda walks out. Amano comes and they talk. Shinoda comments that Isumi is much more enthusiastic and serious this time. He says that he has more confidence. He says that you don't need to bloom early in the Go world. People grow at different times. Amano jokes by saying that he is going to use that when Isumi wins. Shinoda laughs. Amano says that he hopes the people who pass this year do as good as the people who passed last time. The scene then switches to some pro Go playing. Hikaru is playing Tsujioka this time. Tsujioka thinks that white (his color) will have a hard time. Hikaru makes some unexpected moves, and Tsujioka becomes nervous. Tsujioka thinks that black (Hikaru's color) is making the game one sided. Black will win. Time passes, and Amano comes up the elevator. He looks at the scores and sees Hikaru marking down a victory for himself via resignation against Tsujioka. Amano thinks that Hikaru is getting stronger. He also wonders if the new wave is really coming. Next we see a number of different games for title matches: First it's Akira (3-dan) V. Toshiyuki Matsunaga (6-dan) for the second match of the second preliminaries for the Ouza Match. Toshiyuki resigns and Akira wins. Next, we see the first round of the second preliminaries for the Tengen match. This is between Akira (3-dan) and Hiroshi Kamimaezu (7-dan). Hiroshi resigns. Amano thinks that Akira has defeated strong players recently, one after another. He then thinks that the new wave is coming with Akira in the lead. Time passes, and we see the fifth game of the Gosei match. This is between Ogata and Nogi. Nogi resigns. A reporter comments that Ogata has taken both Jyudan and Gosei. Just then Kuwabara walks in and says that it's disappointing. He says that the veterans have to stick in there. They can't let the young ones take the world yet. He then tells Ogata that he will have to challenge him for those two titles one day. Ogata says that he will be waiting for him. Kuwabara thinks that Ogata has gained confidence and becomes a little worried. The scene switches to Nogi and Akira some time later. Nogi says that he won against Akira a year ago. And Akira had a handicap back then. Now they will play an even game and he will see how Akira improved. The game starts. The scene then switches to the publishing agency. A man named Miyake from Maichou newspaper calls and says that Touya Kouyou has signed a contract with the Bei'jing team of China. Everyone is surprised and in an uproar. Amano says that since Touya has retired he's free from Japan's match schedule. He gets to play against the best players in the world now. Amano tells a man to call Touya for comments. Meanwhile, in China, a man tells Yang Hai that Touya has entered the Bei'jing team. Yang Hai says that he knows already and that there's a commotion over it on the Internet. The man says that this will make the Bei'jing team a lot stronger. He also says that the team league will get a lot more interesting now. He says that the Shang'hai team, that Wang Xing and he are in, is going to be in trouble. Yang Hai says that the man must be happy because he's a fan of Touya. The man says that he is happy and that he's a fan because Touya is the closest to mastering the divine move. Yang Hai says that the divine move will be accomplished over the computer. The man says that he tough computers were a century behind people when it came to Go. Yang Hai says that he won't need a century. He already found a sponsor for the project and that he can start now. Back in Japan, the newspaper can't get a hold of Touya for comments. Amano says they he saw Akira earlier that day but he didn't say anything. He wonders if Akira knew. Amano then says that the Go world is moving. The scene switches to Hikaru\ and Akira playing (separately, Hikaru in his room by himself and Akira playing Nogi). Hikaru thinks that he wants to play Akira as soon as possible.