Hikaru no Go

Season 2 Episode 30

Farewell Hikaru

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2002 on

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Hikaru in his grandpa's attic. Hikaru and Sai see that the blood stain is gone from the old Go board. It is just as Sai feared. He won't be able to be with Hikaru much longer.Grandpa comes up and says that he and grandma are going to go to see a play and extends an invitation to come, but Hikaru says that he has to work.

Later at the hotel, Hikaru signs in noticing that Mr. Ogata is there too. Hikaru plans to avoid him. At a Go seminar, Hikaru plays some teaching games. Mr. Ogata comes up to Hikaru in a drunken state and says he wants to challenge Sai to a match.With a little consultation, Hikaru agrees.

On the way to the match Sai is thinking he doesn't want to Hikaru and he didn't want to leave Torajirou either.

They play a game with Hikaru winning. Then Hikaru leaves and decides to leave first thing in the morning.

When they arrive back home Sai challenges Hikaru to a match.and during the match Sai reflects on how Torajirou existed for him and he existed for Hikaru and how Hikaru will exist for someone else.then he dissapears.