Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 14

Forever Inside You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2003 on

Episode Recap

The match between Hikaru and Akira is just beginning. Akira is so excited to play that he's playing speed Go. Hikaru thinks of strategies in his head. He too is excited to play Akira. He thinks that this is the real first game between them. Hikaru responds correctly for a move in a short amount of time. Akira thinks that Hikaru is as strong as a high level Dan. Akira thinks back to when he saw Hikaru's kifu against a Korean kenkyuusei (Hong Su-Young) at the Go salon. Akira is shocked. Hikaru has gotten better. He also thinks back to when he first found out that Hikaru had become a pro. The he remembers what Kurata said to him. That Akira had to watch out for Hikaru. Back in the game, Akira thinks that Hikaru will be his life long rival. Hikaru places a stone in a similar place to where Sai who have placed it. Akira stops. He is shocked.

Meanwhile, at the publishing agency Amano asks how to pronounce a Korean's name. He thinks about how Korea has a lot of young, incredibly good players. Everyone says that Korea has good young players. Amano wonders if he will come. Everyone asks what he would come to. Amano says that he heard a rumor about a junior Japan, China, and Korea tournament. It is for experienced Go players under the age of 18. Everyone is surprised but say that they don't have that many good young players. Someone mentions Akira. Everyone is relieved until someone else says that Akira can't do it all by himself. Someone else mentions Ochi. People still say that Akira is the only one who can really do anything against a Korean. Amano says that they have Hikaru…

Back at the go institute Akira thinks that he saw a glimmer of Sai in Hikaru just now. They resume the game. Akira thinks that the other person he sees in Hikaru is coming out. He can see Sai. He thinks that the shadow he's been chasing is coming out.

Back at the publishing agency everyone is in shock. Someone says that Hikaru had lost a lot of his matches because he hasn't shown up. They ask Amano if he really meant that Hikaru. Amano says that Hikaru has a lot of potential. He says that people like Kouyou, Ogata and Kuwabara have been interested in him for some reason. They think back to how Kouyou requested to play Hikaru in the new first Dan series. They say that that game was horrible. Amano responds by saying that that didn't change their opinion of him. He adds that even Akira thinks of him as a rival. Someone mentions that Kurata and Kuwabara even think highly of him. Someone else asks how Hikaru is doing. Amano says that he has won all eight games since he came back. Everyone is happy. They think that they might stand a chance. Amano says that he gets excited thinking about the future. He thinks about all the people who are part of the new wave that's coming. He says that they have Akira, Hikaru, Ochi, Waya, and many others. He says that together they form the new wave. People are excited. They say that the next generation will be great. It's coming with Akira in the lead. Someone adds that he heard that Hikaru was just as good as Akira. Everyone is happy. Amano says that they have no idea what will happen. He says that they should put an end to their dreams right now.

Meanwhile, the game clock sounds and it's time for lunch. Hikaru and Akira stop playing. They are out of breath form the intense game they were just in. Some people leave, but Waya, Ochi, Tsujioka, and Saeki stay to look and see how the game is going. Waya thinks that the game's been moving quickly. Ochi thinks that there are a lot of complicated moves. Saeki thinks that Hikaru is doing well against Akira. Just then Ashiwara comes in and drags Saeki out of the room for lunch with that Waya and Ochi leave. Tsujioka leaves as well. Hikaru thinks about what his next move should be. He thinks that he's at a disadvantage, but might still stand a chance. He stands up and announces that he's going to lunch before time runs out. He asks Akira if he wants to eat, but Akira doesn't answer. He's still sitting there staring at the board. As Hikaru is almost out of the room, Akira says "Sai". Hikaru, shocked, turns around and stares at Akira. Akira says that he though of Sai from the Internet when he played Hikaru. Hikaru says that he's unfortunately not Sai. Akira insists that it's him. He says that it's the other him. Akira says that there's another Hikaru. He says that the Hikaru from when they first met was Sai.