Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 14

Forever Inside You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2003 on



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    • Hikaru: If you're going to respond with another Kakari, I'll do a lower pincer. I'll spread the fight across the board and we'll enter a kill-or-be-killed fight.
      Akira: I finally got the chance to play against you.
      Hikaru: It's been since the game in the Go tournament... No, Sai played the first half of that game.

    • Hikaru: Touya. We finally get to play.
      Akira: I haven't played you since the third board match in the Go club. It's been two years and four months.
      Hikaru: It's been that long?
      Akira: Yeah... it was a long time.
      Hikaru: Today I will show you my strength.

    • Hikaru: Touya... let's play. We can't start until we play. Sai who you wanted to play, is no longer here. I don't know if you'll notice or not, but Sai is in the games I play. I'll become just as good as you, and play against you from now on.

    • Akira (about Hikaru):There's no doubt about it. You will become my lifelong rival.

    • Amano: We have Touya-kun. We have Shindou-kun. And with Ochi-kun and Waya-kun and the others thrown in, they form a new wave.

    • Akira: I thought of Sai from the Internet when I was playing you.
      Hikaru: I'm not Sai, unfortunately.
      Akira: It's you.
      Hikaru: Touya…?
      Akira: It's the other you. There's another one of you. The Shindou Hikaru when we first met…He is Sai!
      Hikaru: T-Touya…
      Akira: There's someone else inside you!

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