Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on



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    • Ochi: He asked whether Shindou was sick, or if he needed to file for a leave, but he couldn't get a clear- cut answer.
      Zelda: That idiot.
      Ochi: I wonders if he going to quit being a pro!
      Zelda: I dunno.
      Ochi: And to think people thought he could be Touya's rival.
      Zelda: Genius is meaningless if you don't play.

    • Akari: But Hikaru… what are you going to do?
      Hikaru: I probably need to study for high school entrance exams. Akari, stay after school with me and teach me.
      Yuuki Mitani: Fujisaki doesn't have time! We have a tournament coming up!
      Hikaru: Tournament, huh?
      Yuuki Mitani: What do you mean by 'Tournament, huh?'! Don't you dare look down on us! You were much more passionate when you were striving to beat Kaiou!
      Hikaru: Mitani…
      Yuuki Mitani: I'm going to be in this next tournament. Natsume, Koike, and I, the three of us, we're going to challenge Kaiou again!

    • Akari: So what do you mean you're not going to play anymore? Are you going to quit being a pro?
      Hikaru: If Sai doesn't come back… Maybe. I might quit.
      Yuuki Mitani: What a jerk?
      Akari: Mitani-kun.
      Yuuki Mitani: I don't know what happened, but you quit the Go club to become a pro.

    • Akari: Hikaru!
      Hikaru: What is it, Akari?
      Akari: Can you explain this to me?
      Hikaru: Weekly Go? Where did you get it?
      Akari: From Koike-kun. But more importantly, explain this to me. They list the records for all the pros in the scores section, but yours is filled with forfeits.
      Hikaru: I told you, I'm not playing anymore.
      Akari: Huh? Weren't you talking about me? I thought you weren't going to play with me anymore because I suck.

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