Hikaru no Go

(ended 2003)





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  • It was an awesome show...a little boring in the end. Still awesome, though. Very intense, and you can be drawn in easily.

    I liked the show a lot, it had nice character, and good suspense, but at sometimes I felt the story dragged on, or was cut short. The end really touched me, as did a lot of the intense scenes, but sometimes there just wasn't enough time or story to cover as much as I wanted. Also, there was no end to the match between China, Japan, and Korea that the preliminaries were shown in the 2004 New Years special. I like Hikaru and Touya(Akira) a lot when they are older, because they're more mature and way more cute...and I'm glad that this story remembered that as time goes by for a teenage boy they grow taller, instead of making them a shrimp the whole time. I'd say that this was a very interesting show, with the added bonus of learning an interesting new game and some history, and probably would have made my all time favorites except the drag on at the end, although a few of the intense episodes did make it up to the top of the chart. Have fun watching this really fun and intense story, and be sure to wait till after the ending credits to find the little Go tutoring session and the preview!