Hikaru no Go

(ended 2003)





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  • This show is awesome!

    At first, this show is hard to understand, but after an episode or two, you'll be hooked. This show is about Hikaru Shindou, a normal middle school child who one day finds a Go board in his grandfather's store house basement. He recognizes a blood stain on the board. He suddenly hears a voice of a spirit calling out to him, who happens to be Fujiwara-no-sai, a spirit who seeks to play "The Divine Move". Hikaru is the only one who can see Sai. Sai then teaches Hikaru how to play Go, and eventually Hikaru becomes a pro player at Go. Go is a very popular game in east Asia. This game is confusing to figure out. At first, it just seems like putting stones on a board with no clue about what is happening. Do not worry, the characters do the play-by-play. The dialog in this show is great. It is fun to see what happens in the show. The music rocks!! I like the opening theme "I'll be the One" by H/\LNA. Overall, awesome show, cute,memorable characters, excellent music.