Hikaru no Go

(ended 2003)





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  • A very entertaining anime

    This anime is about a boy who plays Go…
    Hikaru no Go is a great anime, it is realistic, dramatic and funny. The music is great, the sound is fairly average but well done (in my opinion), while sometimes going over the top. Considering that HnG isn't an action packed anime, the animation is well done and the art is good, the animators did what they had to do (this isn't Rurouni Kenshin or Naruto) so there is no need to exceed the animation. The characters are great, it has strong character development, and you see how each one of them develops physically and mentally throughout the series. I personally think that the story is good; I mean is simple, realistic and it has a good purpose.It really impressed me how they can make an anime about Go very interesting, the series teach you how to play the game along with Hikaru and also a little bit of culture.

    This is simply one of the best anime out there, give it a try, it is worth watching, it is an anime that people of all ages can appreciate. If you are an action-oriented anime fan, this is not the anime for you, but if sometime you want a change of pace I recommend this series.

    WARNING: If you are interested in watching this show I highly recommend watching it in the subbed version