Hikaru no Go

(ended 2003)





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  • You won't like this show as much if you don't play the game of go. To play you can go to www.gokgs.com. Good show, interesing, I also watch it on www.toonamijetstream.com

    Go is a asian board game, it is played by playing with 2 players and whoever gets the most territory on the board wins, to help get territory you can capture stones or prisoners by surrounding the enemy pieces. This show is about a regular boy named hikaru who goes to his attic to find something to sell, he finds an old go board and that is inhabitited by a spirit named fujiwara no sai or just sai. Sai is an old go instructer to an emperor back in time. He was beat at his job by another go instructer that cheated in a game of go to decide the best one. after sai loses he drowns himself in a pond and is sealed into a go board. Now Hikaru must constantly play go to please sai, and actually plays the game after that.