Hikaru no Go

(ended 2003)





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  • When Shindo Hikaru gets intertwined with a legendary go player from ancient Japan named Sai he is forced to play more and more go. Soon he learns to like it but is he good enough to become a pro?

    Hikaru No Go is the best anime ever. And i hate go. So thats saying something. The story is so amazing. The show goes in depth to countless characters letting us get to know them. Something that most shows do not let you see or do not give enough detail. It is the second closest to a perfect show I have seen next to Lost. It shows so much development in each character, for instance Hikaru starts out a playful ignorant kid but grows into this serious go player. The best part of the show is that it does not just show development for Hikaru it shows it for Waya,Isumi,Mitani,Honda,Touya Akira, and a couple others.