Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 10

Sai was here...

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on

Episode Recap

Isumi and Hikaru sit in front of the Go board staring at each other. Isumi asks Hikaru once more to play. Isumi tells Hikaru about his time in China and how it made him want to walk down the road, past the pro exam. Hikaru struggles with himself. He does not want to betray Sai. Isumi asks him if he will play a game not for your sake, but for his. Hikaru agrees. But he plays for Isumi's sake, not his. He asks Sai to forgive him, but no one answers. He then places his first stone down.

The scene switches to Akira and another man playing to see who will enter the Honinbou league. Whoever wins this match will enter the league. But they both have something at stake. Akira has his first league entrance at stake, and the man has his second league entrance. Throughout the match Akira keeps thinking of Hikaru.

The scene then moves back to Hikaru and Isumi playing their game of Go. Hikaru tries to not get excited or into he game. Isumi thinks that they can both read far ahead and that Hikaru will not push him around. They keep going back and both – they are both equal in strength and are tied! They both think that the other one has grown in strength.

The game becomes intense as they go back and forth. As Hikaru goes to play a move he sees Sai's paper fan point to that space he was going to play. Shocked, he turns around. But Sai is not there. Hikaru thinks that the move he played was what Sai would play. He begins to cry. Hikaru thinks that he couldn't find Sai anyway, because he was there all along. He was hiding in the board and in the way Hikaru plays. Hikaru cries some more and asks Sai if he can play. He tells Isumi that maybe he is allowed to play. Isumi says that it seems that Hikaru was struggling with something this entire time. Hikaru than decided to play Go again. Hikaru thanks Isumi and they resume their game.

The scene then switches to Hikaru running to where Akira is playing. He sees Kuwabara and Sakamaki. He asks them where the game is going on. Sakamaki yells at him because he had missed so many games. Kuwabara tells Sakamaki to stop and then tells Hikaru that his rival is on the fifth floor. Kuwabara than says that Hikaru is finally back on his feet. Kuwabara than tells Sakamaki that Go is a two player game and that with two equal geniuses they can finally reach the divine move.

The game between Akira and the man finishes up, and Akira wins. Everyone's says "What do you expect form Master Touya's son". The man gets mad and says that it has nothing to do with Master Touya. He then thanks Akira. Just then Hikaru runs up. Akira sees him. Hikaru walks up to them, takes the Kifu and sees that Akira had won. He than tells Akira than he is not giving up on Go and will continue to walk down the path. Akira tells him to come, and Hikaru nods.

Out in the parking lot Kuwabara and Sakamaki are still talking. Kuwabara says that he won't let those brats get ahead of him while he's still there.