Hikaru no Go - Season 2

(ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • 5/15/02
    Hikaru takes the prelims to qualify for the Pro exams whereas Waya/Isumi are admitted straight to the finals being among the top 8 of the Insei program. Hikaru is intimidated by Tsubaki, a really loud and brash guy, who turns out to be his first opponent. Tsubaki plays mind games with Hikaru and won the match. For Hikaru, the loss highlighted his inexperience with playing with adults since starting go and it represents a hurdle he has to overcome to reach his goal.moreless
  • 5/22/02
    Hikaru is overwhelmed in playing go with adults and his second loss placed him at a precarious position (third loss means an ousting). As desperation climbs, he becomes more determined than ever by drawing his inspiration from Akira. Fortunately, his third match with Fuku started him on a winning roll. While Waya/Isumi was practicing at a Go salon, a customer gave them the address of another Go salon where there're supposedly many experts. Waya/Isumi decided to drop by the Institute to check on the gang and is dismayed to find out about Hikaru's performance. Hikaru won his last match by default and gained entry to the pros exams. Waya decided to bring Hikaru along on their Go salon visits after hearing about his encounter with Tsubaki.moreless
  • Team Formed!
    Team Formed!
    Episode 3
    This is a very fun episode where Waya, Isumi and Hikaru form a team to go around challenging the patrons of the various Go salons. The bet being that they won't have to pay the admission fees in event of a win and Waya raises the stakes even higher by allowing a few moku handicap in subsequent games, much to the protests of Isumi/Hikaru (since they have to wash all the stones if they lose). Hikaru becomes friendly with a particular go salon named 'Heart of Stone' and its patrons. Through this exercise, Hikaru manages to overcome his weakness in playing go with adults.moreless
  • Don't Win
    Don't Win
    Episode 4
    At a Friendly Go festival, Akira was invited to play a 4-way game with a council member and his three assistants. Though originally told to lose the game, Akira decides otherwise when the council member shows disrespect to Go by placing a cup on a Go board. Akira displays his amazing prowress by forcing a draw on all 4 players. Ashiwara feels that Akira should take it easier by just participating in the pro games but Akira just mutters to himself 'But he passed the prelims to the pro exams'. Meanwhile, Hikaru grows his mastery of go at the Heart of Go salon where he learns how to force a draw in 2-way/3-way games.moreless
  • There Is Only One Winner
    Isumi, Waya and Hikaru decide to go to a recommended Go Salon and Hikaru bumps into a rude young boy at the convenience store. Sai advises Hikaru not to pursue the incident as he senses that the young boy had some issues with himself. Upon entering the salon, the trio realized that it's a Korean Go salon (Koreans are known for their strength/domination in the Go world) and that the rude young boy is the owner's nephew called Su Young - a Korean insei-equivalent. Back at the institute, the editorial team was discussing Japan's poor performance in the world stage and Korea/China's domination. When Hikaru challenges Su-Young to a match, it turns into a Korean Vs Japan fight-out. The owner recounts Su-Young's history to Isumi. Su-young has been a very promising young talent who rose quickly through the ranks but a losing streak demoralizes him to the extent of almost quitting Go and his parents sent him on a holiday to Japan. As the game starts, Hikaru vows to win and let Su-Young remember the name 'Shindou Hikaru'.moreless
  • My Name is...
    Episode 6
    Hikaru plays a Korean Insei-equivilant at a Go Salon. Hikaru wins by 1.5 points. Yun, Kaio's Go club organizer, watches the game. He congratulates Hikaru on his growth.
  • 6/26/02
    The Pro Exam has finally begun, and the intensity reaches new heights after the pairings are chosen. Everyone seems so tense, except for Hikaru, who is unusually calm. Thanks to Waya and Isumi, Hikaru has learned how to handle the pressure. However, could their actions have turned Hikaru into a real threat?moreless
  • The Challengers
    Episode 8
    Hikaru and Tsubaki must face each other in the Pro matches, and Akira begins teaching Ochi in an attempt to learn how strong of a level Hikaru is playing at.
  • The Dead Moment
    The Dead Moment
    Episode 9
    Isumi has gone on undefeated, while Hikaru has lost only one game so far. The time finally comes for them to play each other, and only one of them can win. However, Isumi seems to be afraid of Hikaru, and it shows in his game. When Isumi accidentally cheats by moving an already placed stone, will Hikaru force his friend to be disqualified?moreless
  • Whereabouts of the Win
    After losing to Hikaru, Isumi begins to break down and begins losing his matches. Hikaru is also having trouble concentrating, upset about pointing out Isumi's illegal move. As Sai helps Hikaru regain his concentration, Isumi faces off against Ochi. Perhaps this game will be enough to return Isumi to his old self.moreless
  • 7/24/02
    Realizing that Hikaru is getting stronger, Ochi swallows his pride and decides to ask Akira for help. When Akira tells Ochi about the game Hikaru played against Su-Young, Ochi realizes that Hikaru is a serious threat and that three weeks might not give him enough practice. However, Ochi still doesn't understand why Akira is obsessed with Hikaru, forcing him to show Ochi the match at the Go Salon from two years ago, the game where Hikaru destroyed him!moreless
  • 7/31/02
    The Pro Exam is nearing its end as the last three matches arrive. Ochi, Waya, and Hikaru are currently the top three, and Ochi is at the point where he'll pass even if he loses all of his matches. Hikaru and Waya must still be careful, as a loss or two could cause them to lose their spots. As the days go by, Waya discovers an imposter calling themself "sai" playing Go online, Hikaru runs into an old acquaintance, and Ochi is busy preparing for his match against Hikaru.moreless
  • Waya vs Shindou
    Waya vs Shindou
    Episode 13
    Hikaru and Waya finally face each other, and both are desperate to win. However, Waya has other reasons for wanting to win besides just turning pro, but Hikaru needs to win as well! When Waya traps Hikaru in a situation where only one move can save him, can Hikaru figure it off?moreless
  • A Desperate Life
    Episode 14
    As the match between Hikaru and Ochi draws near, Ochi becomes more and more annoyed with Akira's obsession of Hikaru. Therefore, Ochi demands that Akira recognize him as his rival and permit him to join Toya Meijin's study group if he beats Hikaru. Akira agrees to the condition, but when Ochi mentions to Hikaru that Akira is teaching him, Hikaru realizes that Akira will officially recognize him as a rival if he beats Ochi.moreless
  • Hikaru vs Ochi
    Episode 15
    Hikaru and Ochi finally face-off. Determined to prove his worth to Akira, Ochi goes all out against Hikaru, while Hikaru does the same. As the game continues on, Hikaru realizes that Ochi has the advantage and strives to a opening before it's too late.
  • 8/28/02
    With all of the other matches finished, the final decision of the Pro Exams rests upon Hikaru and Ochi's match. Can Hikaru defeat Ochi, or will he be forced to play Isumi again for a chance at going pro?
  • 9/4/02
    Having defeated Ochi, Hikaru has gained Akira's respect, and Akira is now awaiting their next match. As Hikaru wonders how his life will change now that he's become a Pro, Hikaru's mother confronts Waya's parents for advice on what to do. Also Sai begins to feel that he is no longer needed by Hikaru.moreless
  • Sai vs Meijin
    Episode 18
    Hikaru got a call that the Meijin is to play him in the first new dan series. Hikaru denies Sai's request to play instead. Both Master Kuwabara and Mr Ogata were surprised by each other's interest in Hikaru. Orchi, Waya and Akira also came by the Institute to watch the match. Hikaru decides to let Sai play with a 15 moku handicap instead of the 5.5 moku handicap given to new pros. Hikaru/Sai took a unprecedented half hour to decide on his first move while Sai contemplates on how to play the game.moreless
  • A Painful Match
    A Painful Match
    Episode 19
    Hikaru/Sai spends half hour to decide on the first move while the others are having a field day discussing Hikaru. With a 15 moku handicap Hikaru set for Sai, Sai decides to attack early by baiting a trap for Meijin (Touya Kouyou) but which the latter is too careful to fall into. However, the Meijin sense a formidable presence around Hikaru, similar to the pressure he feels when playing against a seasoned Pro. Though Hikaru lost the game, the Meijin indicates that he would like to play Hikaru again without any handicap. Hikaru and Sai had a mini-debate about when Hikaru' going to let him play again. Akira further wonders about whom Hikaru really is when his father confirms he would like to play Hikaru again.moreless
  • Fujiwara no Sai
    Episode 20
    This episode is basically a recap of Sai's past journeys, from playing Go in the palace and his eventual suicide, playing Go through Shuusaku and then Hikaru. The second half kind of traces Hikaru's Go journey till the present - the first game btw Hikaru/Akira, set-up of Haze Jr's Go Club, Hikaru letting Sai practice through Internet Go and Hikaru's determination to catch up with Akira. Sai laments to God on why he let him came back through Hikaru and wonders if Hikaru will ever let him play again.moreless
  • Kurata 6-dan
    Episode 21
    Hikaru and Sai thwart the efforts of some con-artists trying to take advantage of unsuspecting amateur Go players, but one of con-artists is a Pro Go player.
  • Hikaru vs Akira
    Episode 22
    Hikaru learns his first official Pro match will be against Akira. He's excited that he can finally see how close he is to Akira, but circumstances are about to change their fate with one another.
  • 10/16/02
    Toya Meijin has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Hikaru visits him and discovers that he has been playing internet Go. Hikaru begs Meijin to play Sai online. He agrees on one condition.
  • 10/23/02
    Now that Toya Meiji is playing Internet Go, the world is abuzz with excitement. But little do they know that a challenger of exceptional strength waits in the shadows.
  • Sai vs. Toya Koyo
    Episode 25
    The wait is over! Sai and Toya Meijin face off in a match that has the entire world glued to their computer screens. Who will triumph and discover the Divine Move?
  • 11/6/02
    When the match comes to a close, Sai is left the victor. However, when Hikaru discovers a flaw in the game that not even Sai was aware of, Sai finally realizes why he was allowed to return to the world of the living.
  • Let Me Play Sai!
    Episode 27
    Ogata walks in on Hikaru and Koyo's conversation and overhears Hikaru mentioning Sai. Convinced that Hikaru knows Sai, Ogata confronts Hikaru and begs him to let him play Sai. Just when Hikaru thinks things can't get any worse, Akira shows up as well. With all of the accusations going on, will Hikaru be able to keep Sai's identity a secret?moreless
  • One-Color Go
    Episode 28
    Hikaru encounters Kurata at a restaurant, and, after learning how much Akira is improving, begs him for a match.
  • Toya Koyo Retires!
    Episode 29
    The Go World goes into a state of shock after Toya Meijin announces that he is retiring as Professional Go player. As everyone tries to find out why Koyo has given up his titles and his status, Akira begins to worry about Hikaru's progress.
  • Farewell Hikaru
    Episode 30
    Hikaru continuously ignores Sai's worries of his leaving and ends up allowing Sai to engage a drunk Ogata in a Go match. The next day, Sai begs Hikaru for a game, but something happens during the game that will change Hikaru's life forever!
  • 12/1/06
    After losing two games in a row, Hikaru's self-confidence is shaken...
  • We're a Team!
    Episode 33
    In the hopes of helping Hikaru get over his fear of playing adults, Waya and Isumi take him to a Go Salon to take on opponents of a more mature nature…
  • No Winning Allowed!
    Episode 34
    At a local festival Akira is asked to play 4 players simultaneously including Kurimoto, a boorish and rude city councilman. To make matter worse, he’s been asked by the festival organizers to let Kurimoto win…
  • Only One Can Win
    Episode 35
    On the recommedation of a fellow Go player, Hikaru, Waya and Isumi try out a new Go Salon that’s different from the rest…
  • An Ill-Fated Moment
    Episode 39
    Ready to take on an undefeated Isumi, Hikaru knows he’s in for a tough match…
  • 1/24/07
    With the pressure mounting, Isumi makes a wrong move forcing him to resign and forfeit the match…
  • Hikaru Vs. Waya
    Episode 43
    Now that Ochi has passed the Pro Exam, there are only two spots remaining. With only two games left in the exam, Hikaru faces off against Waya…
  • 2/13/07
    As Hikaru takes on Waya to advance towards the pros, Waya notices that his opponent’s game bears a interesting resemblance to Sai…