Hikaru no Go - Season 3

(ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Forever Inside You
    Forever Inside You
    Episode 14
    The game between Hikaru and Akira wages on. They are both into the game and excited about it. Meanwhile, Amano tells news of a junior Japan, China, and Korea Go Tournament. It’s for experienced Go players under the age of 18. Everyone is worried because they have no one who could stand a chance against Korea, or even China, except for Akira. Amano says that they have Hikaru and the new wave that’s coming…moreless
  • The First Comeback Match
    Hikaru has finally started to play Go again. He has found Sai within his moves, within his Go. But can Hikaru win his first comeback match against 2-dan Murakami? Everyone is watching. Meanwhile, what will become of the Haze Jr. High School Go club? After the year is over, only one boy will be left. Everyone else will graduate and move on.moreless
  • And so they began to run
    The Go world is moving. Everything is changing. Hikaru has won his first comeback match and dives into his next one. Isumi is taking the Pro Exam and is on his way to becoming a pro like Waya, Hikaru, and Ochi before him. Akira is beating high level dans. Ogata has taken yet another title. The Go world is shifting; a new wave is coming with Akira in the lead. But Kuwabara will not allow them to surpass him just yet...moreless
  • 2004 New Year Special
    Hikaru gets a phone call asking him to enter the preliminaries to try to earn one of the three seats for Japan in the Japan, China, and Korea Junior Tournament. While discussing this with Akira, he finds out that Akira has already been chosen for the tournament and will not be taking place in the preliminaries. Now Hikaru must compete for one of the two remaining seats. Hikaru decides not to visit Akira's Go Salon until he takes his place on the team with Akira. But can Hikaru overcome his friends and new challengers including a strong player from the Kansai Go Institute. Two seats remain, and only two players in Japan will join Akira...moreless
  • Sai was here...
    Episode 10
    After much convincing, Hikaru agrees to play Isumi. However, he will play him for Isumi’s sake, not his own. He will not enjoy the game or get into it. He can’t betray Sai. But when the game of Go becomes intense, is there anything that Hikaru can do? Hikaru ties hard not to betray Sai. He promised him that he would never play again. But can it be helped? Will Sai ever return to him?moreless
  • Forfeits
    Episode 8
    Hikaru is still forfeiting his Go matches, and everyone round his is worried and confused. Can the young player's friends and familyconvince him to get his game back?
  • Shindou vs Touya
    Shindou vs Touya
    Episode 13
    The long awaited day has finally arrived. Hikaru Shindou V. Akira Touya! The two reminisce about the past and the last time they played. It was a little over two years ago. They have both grown stronger since then. They sit down. Hikaru places one black stone and Akira places five white ones. Hikaru is black and will go first. Akira is white and will go second. Hikaru places his first stone down on komoku. Both of them are excited and the match they have both been waiting for has finally arrived…moreless
  • That Same Old Smile
    That Same Old Smile
    Episode 15
    The match between Hikaru and Akira comes to an end. Hikaru tells Akira that one day, he will tell him everything. At night Hikaru has a dream, with a surprise visitor! At the end, the song “Get Over” is played as we see everyone throughout the series. The Go world is changing and a younger generation has arrived!moreless
  • Isumi no Go
    Episode 5
    Isumi and other semi-pro's from japan go to a good will competition against pros in china. although he starts off confident an early loss puts isumi into a tail spin of doubt and confusion over his skills. he is presented with a unique opportunity to learn with chinnese pros for a short while. in an overcrowded and extremly talented enviornment can isumi regain his confidence? will isumi get over his doubt of whether or not he should play at all? Meanwhile waya confronts shindo over his absences in games and study sessions. Waya doesn't realize that shino is depressed over the loss of sai and lacks caring over GO. waya calls shindo out for squandering his talent and unique position. can waya snap shindo out of his funk?moreless
  • I Won't Play Anymore
    Unable to locate Sai, Hikaru makes a vow to never play Go again without him.
  • Isumi tested
    Isumi tested
    Episode 7
    Still in China improving his game, Isumi challenges Le Ping to a rematch. Meanwhile, Asumi encounters Hikaru and demands to know why he has stopped playing Go.
  • The Determined Visitor
    Isumi return from China, now a stronger and more focused player. When he hears Hikaru is losing his games by default he vows to investigate the situation.
  • The Fated Encounter
    In this flashback before Akira Toya met Hikaru Shindo, a young children's Go champion challenges Akira to a game at the Go Salon.
  • Keichou Flowerpots
    Keichou Flowerpots
    Episode 4
    This episode shows us a young Hikaru, back from 7th grade before the Insei exam. When Sai is disturbed by the owner of a pottery shop, with a face like a toad, Hikaru/Sai must beat the owner who turns out to be a 5dan to prove to everyone what a cheat the owner is. But can he turn around his own play, and win a game someone else has already resigned to help a young girl?moreless
  • Sai is Gone?
    Episode 1
    Hikaru discovers that Sai is missing and searches all over him. Unable to locate him, he travels to Inno Island to visit Shusaku's grave in an effort to find him. Is it true? Is Sai really gone?
  • The Top Player in Hiroshima
    The #1 Amateur Go Player in Japan, Shuhei, challenges Hikaru to a match while Hikaru is looking for Sai in Hiroshima.
  • Keicho Flower Bowls
    Episode 64
    In this bonus flashback episode, Hikaru and Sai encounter an antiques dealer who sells counterfeit heirlooms he claims are from the distant past...
  • 8/4/08
    While in Innoshima, Mr. Kawai stumbles into a Go Salon where, as a result of a misunderstanding, he finds himself owing a lot of money to Shuhei, a formidable Go player who is enormous both in size and talent.
  • 8/18/08
    Hikaru goes through old game records to find past matches with the great Hon'inbo Shusaku...
  • Fateful Encounter
    Episode 66
    Back before Hikaru Shindo met Akira Toya, a young Children's Go champion pays Akira a visit to the Go Salon in order to challenge him.
  • Losing by Default
    Episode 68
    With Hikaru giving up on Go, everyone is worried, including his mother, who vents her concerns to his teacher.
  • The Power Within
    Episode 74
    The match everyone has been waiting for has finally begun! With every move, the game builds with a fevered intensity.
  • Shindo Vs. Toya
    Episode 73
    The match-ups for the Meijin Qualifiers is out and it's Hikaru vs. Akira in the first round.
  • Making a Comeback
    Episode 71
    Hikaru's back to his old self and ready to move up the rankings of professional Go. First up is Murakami, a pro who previously defeated Hikaru in the Young Lions Tournament.
  • The Race Is On
    Episode 72
    Now that Hikaru's playing again, he's drawn the attention of Go Players throughout Tokyo, as well as the readers and writers of Go Weekly.
  • 11/10/08
    Isumi returns to Japan a stronger and more focused player. He soons discovers what everyone else already knows: Hikaru Shindo is losing his games by default...
  • Isumis Test
    Episode 67
    Still in China, Isumi decides to stay and to improve his game and boost his confidence. With the help of his new friend Yang Hai, he challenges the bratty Le Ping to a rematch...
  • A Nostalgic Smile
    Episode 75
    As they break for lunch, Akira confronts Hikaru on the fact that he has discovered that Sai is within him. After the game, Hikaru goes home and goes to sleep...