Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 13

Shindou vs Touya

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2003 on

Episode Recap

Hikaru walks into the institute and sees Kurata. Kurata asks Hikaru why he's there if he doesn't have a game. Hikaru says that he's there for Morishita's study session. Kurata then tells Hikaru that he found out that Hikaru is playing Akira for the first preliminaries for the Meijin match. Hikaru says it is all thanks to Kurata because if Kurata didn't beat Akira in that title match, then Akira would have already passed it. He passed every other title and Hikaru can't reach him. Kurata tells him to bring the half-finished autograph that he signed for Hikaru a little while back. He says that he'll finish it for him after he beats Akira. Hikaru misplaced it and says that he doesn't need encouragement. Kurata mistakes that for confidence and says that he looks forward to the results.

During the study session Hikaru plays Saeki and wins. Morishita comments that with that spirit Hikaru will do well. He then says that Saeki needs to step it up if he hopes to even beat Ashiwara (the person who studies under Touya). He then tells Waya that he too must do better or Hikaru will surpass him. As Hikaru plays another game he thinks about Akira and how he wants to play him. When he gets home his moms says that they sent him a schedule. The match has been decided and they will play in two weeks time. In his room Hikaru looks at the kifu for Akira's Honinbou match. Hikaru says that they can't "start" until they play. He thinks that the Sai that Akira was chasing his gone, but he is still in his Go. He thinks that he'll get as strong as Akira is and play him.

The scene then switches to the day before the match after school. Akari and her fiends are talking about grades when she spots Hikaru. He looks serious and has a stern face. She runs up to him and asks if he always gets nervous before a match. He says that it's only this time because it's a special match. It's against Akira. He than asks Akari if she wants to play him. He says that it will help calm his nerves. Akari gets embarrassed and says that she'll be happy to. She says that Hikaru has changed. She doesn't know why. She thinks that it's maybe because he's a pro. She says that he has grown up. Hikaru jokes and says that Akari has changed too. She's gotten smaller. She says that Hikaru was the one who got taller. They both laugh and walk home.

The day has finally arrived. Hikaru leaves his house and walks to the institute. Akira does the same. Both are excited and ready to play (although Akira doesn't show it). At the institute Waya and Saeki are talking. Saeki is nervous that he has to play Ashiwara. Just then Ashiwara shows up and says good morning to both of them. Saeki, still nervous, stumbles and can't say much. Ashiwara wishes him luck and walks away. Ways says that Morishita's students and Touya's students are the only ones that have a rivalry just than, Hikaru shows up. Waya tells Hikaru that Isumi has passed the Pro exam with straight wins. Hikaru is happy just than Mashiba interrupts. He says that Isumi will probably climb up fast. As he walks away he says that it's stupid for people to become pros every year. Hikaru asks Waya if he's playing Mashiba today, and Waya says yes. Akira then comes up the elevator with Ochi. He stares at Hikaru. Akira walks past Hikaru into the room where they are to play in. Waya asks Ochi what he was talking to Akira about just then. Ochi says that Akira said that Ochi was doing well. Hikaru walks away and enterers the room. Ochi continues sand says that he asked Akira if he had an easy win against Hikaru today. Waya says that Akira probably said of course or something like that. Ochi says that Akira said that he doesn't know until he plays him. Waya says that the rumors of Akira thinking of Hikaru as a rival are true. Ochi says that he must work hard. Waya says the same thing. Even Saeki says that he must try harder.

In the room Hikaru sees Akira looking at the seating charts. Hikaru says that he's excited to play. Akira says that it's been a while since they last played. He says that the last time was third board in the Go Club Tournament. They both reminisce about the past. Akira walks to his seat. Hikaru says that he looked at some of Akira's recent matches. He lost one, but it was close. Akira says that he will beat him next time, because he is growing stronger. Hikaru says that today is his turn to show him how strong he is. The game starts. Hikaru places one black stone and Akira places five white ones. Hikaru is black and will go first. Akira is white and will go second. Hikaru places his first stone down on komoku (upper right corner). Just as he's done, Akira places his stone down. Akira does that the next time as well. He's playing speed Go. Hikaru thinks that Akira couldn't wait to play either. Akira continues to place the stones down fast. Akira wants to start a fight in the corner, and Hikaru goes with it. He thinks that he couldn't wait to play either.