Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 13

Shindou vs Touya

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2003 on



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    • Akari: Do you always get nervous on the day before a match?
      Hikaru: Why do you ask?
      Akari: Well... you had a such a stern face, Hikaru...
      Hikaru: A match against Touya is special.

    • Hikaru: The reason Touya's still in the first preliminaries this year is because you beat him last year, Kurata-san. He's moved on in the preliminaries for every other title, I can't reach him.
      Kurata (laughing at Hikaru in reaction to what it said earlier) : Well he is Touya Akira!
      Hikaru: And since he's so busy, our match still hasn't been scheduled. Well, bye.

    • Hikaru: Kurata-san! What am I doing? Master Morishita's study session is today.
      Kurata: I looked at the tournament pairings for the first preliminaries for the Meijin match. You're playing Touya Akira in the first round!
      Hikaru: Yeah, it's all thanks to you Kurata-san!

    • Hikaru (thinking about Akira): The Sai that you wanted to play is gone, but…Sai is in my Go, so… I don't know if you'll notice him but… I'll get to be as strong as you are and play you from now on. Is that enough for you?

    • Hikaru: You've changed, too.
      Akari: Really? How? How did I change?
      Hikaru: Hmmm… You've gotten smaller.
      Akari (angry): You got taller!

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