Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 15

That Same Old Smile

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2003 on

Episode Recap

Akira tells Hikaru that the Hikaru who played him twice in the Go salon was Sai. He says that he can tell because he knows Hikaru better than anyone one else. He is the only one who can tell that there is someone else inside Hikaru. Akira then says that he's not making any sense and for Hikaru to forget about it. Hikaru thinks that Akira found Sai. Up until know, Hikaru was the only one who found him, but now Akira did. Akira says that the game Hikaru plays is what he is. He says that that won't change and that's all he needs. Hikaru thinks that Sai is in the game he plays. He tells Akira that maybe one day he'll tell him everything. With that, Hikaru walks out. As he gets to the elevator, Akira chases after him. He asks Hikaru what he meant. He says to Hikaru that there was someone behind him after all. Hikaru tells him that Akira himself said that the game Hikaru plays is what he is. Akira says that that's true. Hikaru responds by saying to Akira that he shouldn't ask. Akira says that Hikaru was the one who said he'd tell him everything. Hikaru says that he sad he'd tell him someday, but not now. The elevator closes.

At night, Hikaru comes home. He says that he's exhausted and that the game ended quickly, but they talked about it for a while. His mom says that there's no need for Hikaru to say who won, just as long as he's okay. She says he can take a bath once his father is done. He says that he's not going to take a bath. She asks if he's hungry, and he says no I'm tired. He goes up into his room. He closes the lights and gets into bed. During the night he has a dream. In his dream, he sees Sai! Hikaru is shocked and excited. He tells Sai all about what happened. He says that he played with Akira and that it was a great game even though he lost. He says that he's going to be able to play Akira all the time now. Sai just stands there smiling; Hikaru continues and says that Isumi is a pro now and that Mitani went to a tournament. Hikaru says that so much as happened since Sai disappeared. Hikaru then gets sad. He says that he has a lot to tell Sai. He asks Sai why he disappeared. He asks Sai how he felt when he disappeared. He asks if he was sad or if he was smiling like he is now. He says that he hopes Sai was smiling. He then goes on and says that Akira has found Sai. He said that there was someone else inside Hikaru and found Sai. Hikaru says that he was happy that someone else found Sai. Sai looks off towards the right. Hikaru begs Sai not to leave. Sai reaches out and holds his fan toward Hikaru. Hikaru reaches out and grabs the fan.

Hikaru wakes up. It's morning. He thinks about his dream and sheds some tears. His mom yells out to him and says that he'd better hurry or he'll be late for school. As he walks out the door his mom asks if he forgot anything. Hikaru says no. He adds that he'll be late tonight because he's stopping by the Go Salon, but he'll be home for dinner.

At the Go Salon after school, Akira and Hikaru are talking about the game they just finished. A man asks the girl at the counter who Akira is playing. The girl says that it's Hikaru, a first-Dan. He asks if Hikaru comes here a lot. She says that he just started coming here recently. The man asks if Hikaru and Akira are friends. The girl says that they are…kinda. Just then Hikaru stand up and he and Akira begin to argue and yell. The man's says that they're arguing over such complicated things. The girl says they really aren't and takes Hikaru's backpack out from under the counter. Hikaru says that he's leaving and storms out. The girl has his bag ready and gives it to him on his way out. The girl says that it's just a fight between grade school kids. The man says that Hikaru should learn his place. He's only a first-Dan. Akira, angry, says that he's only a third-Dan. He says that no matter how strong you are, you start off as a first-Dan and have to climb up from there. He tells the man that he shouldn't look down upon Hikaru and walks off. The man whispers to the girl and asks if they were just fighting. The girl says that they were.

Outside, Hikaru and Waya are walking and talking. Hikaru says that he wants to play higher-level players. Waya asks whom he's playing today. Hikaru says that he's playing Kawasaki 3-dan for the third round of the first preliminaries for the Honinbou match. The scene switches to them playing the game. As Hikaru plays he thinks that Akira can play against higher-level players, but Hikaru is only a first-Dan. Hikaru thinks that he has to play through the first preliminaries between lower-Dan players in all the matches. He has to play through them. The game clock sounds and its time for lunch. Hikaru gets up and goes out to eat. Waya stand up and is about to leave when Kawasaki ask Waya something. He asks Waya why Hikaru is still a first-Dan. Waya says that Hikaru had skipped all his matches that are why he's still only a first-Dan. Kawasaki says that he's too good. He says that he's the best first-Dan ever. In the lobby Hikaru buys a fan, just like the one Sai had. In the lunchroom, Waya thinks that Hikaru is getting stronger. As the game is about to resume again after lunch, Hikaru sees Waya walking into the room and says hi. Waya asks what that is in Hikaru's hand. Hikaru says that it's a fan that he bought downstairs.

Next, the song "Get Over" plays along with about five minutes of montage. It shows various things and the various people throughout the series. Hikaru says that one day he will play the divine move with Sai. It shows Hikaru playing many games with his fan. It also shows Akira playing games. Whenever Akira or Hikaru plays someone, their opponents are shocked because Akira and Hikaru are too good for them. It also shows Touya Kouyou sitting down in front of an empty Go board. Waya walks into Morisha's house and his daughter takes him out for lunch to congratulate him on his promotion to 2-dan. Isumi, Ochi, and many other people are shown playing games as well. Once again Hikaru and Akira are shown. They stand up (in the same room) with determination and walk out. Mitani is shown sleeping in class. The young boy in the Haze Jr., Go Club is shown hanging up a poster for people to come (just like Tsutsui once did). Akari is shown walking by Hikaru's house. She sees the light on in Hikaru's room and smiles. Kuwabara and Ogata are seen smoking back to back. Amano is also shown smoking. Many other people are shown too. The last clip is of Hikaru playing his grandfather. His grandfather is shocked and is loosing. Then, the camera pans in on the Go board Sai was first found in.