Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 15

That Same Old Smile

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2003 on



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    • Hikaru: Sai, someday I will play the Divine Move...with you.

      ~Last line of the series

    • Hikaru: Touya found Sai…Only I knew of Sai until now. But Sai… Touya's found you! He's found you!

    • Akira: So there is something behind you!? Tell me
      Hikaru: Tell you? No way. You said that the game I play is what I am, and that's all you need.
      Akira: Y-Yeah… I did…
      Hikaru: Then don't ask.
      Akira: But you just said you'd tell me everything!
      Hikaru: Someday! Someday far in the future! You idiot!

    • Hikaru (to Sai): How did you feel when you disappeared? Were you sad? Or were you smiling, just like you are now? I hope you were smiling…

    • Man: (After Hikaru storms out after a fight with Akira) That Shindou really needs to learn his place. A mere first-dan pro shouldn't argue against the young master. After all, he is already in the Honinbou league.
      Akira: (Angry) I'm a mere third-dan, too! No matter how good you are, you're a first-dan when you start off. We all have to climb up from there. There's no correlation between your ranking and your strength. Don't look down upon Shindou just because he's a first-dan! (Storms off)
      Man: Weren't they just fighting a minute ago?

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