Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 9

The Determined Visitor

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on



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    • Isumi: I was wondering what's wrong. Is he sick? I wanted to see him again before the pro exams, so… Waya?
      Zelda: That's not the only match Shindou has a forfeit on, Isumi-san. It's been like that since May. Don't trip now. I don't understand. It seems like he doesn't want to play Go anymore.

    • Hikaru: If I were to play Go again… Sai would be gone forever… That… I… I'm afraid of that.

    • Isumi: All thanks to the Waya medicine.
      Zelda: Waya medicine?
      Isumi: I gave him some medicine when he got a stomach ache. Remember? The kind you always take when you have one. I figured since he looks just like you, the medicine would work on him, too.
      Zelda: That makes no sense!
      Isumi: Anyway, it worked like a charm, and we became good friends.

    • Zelda: Isumi-san! You haven't changed at all. You would look more like you just came back from training if you had a beard or something. I was surprised when you call. How was China? Huh? What is it?
      Isumi: Le Ping! You grew up so quickly!
      Zelda: So that's what you were doing.
      Isumi: Yeah, it's good that Le Ping started following me around and studying, but… he was always glaring at me.
      Zelda: What a brat?
      Isumi: He's just a kid, but he's really good. But I did end up becoming good friends with him.

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