Hikaru no Go

Season 3 Episode 11

The First Comeback Match

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2003 on

Episode Recap

Hikaru tells his mom that he is leaving and going to a Go match. After he leaves, his mom smiles and looks relieved. Hikaru than begins to run to the Go Institutive. Inside are two other players. One is a 2-dan who will get a promotion to a 3-dan if he wins this next match. His name is Murakami. The other man tells Murakami that his match is against Hikaru, the boy who keeps skipping. Murakami says that he wanted to get promoted through a win, but this is okay. Just then Hikaru walks in. The two men are shocked and Murakami is angry. Hikaru enters the room and sits down to await the start of the match. Murakami is talking to two other men, one being Tsujioka. Tsujioka says that Akira considers him a rival, and the man who is playing him (Murakami) is shocked even more. Akira then enters and spots Hikaru sitting down. He stares at him and then walks to his seat. Murakami is now even angrier and walks to his seat opposite Hikaru.

The match begins. Murakami remembers back to when he first played Hikaru a year ago at the Wakajishisen matches. He remembers that Hikaru was good, but bad at Yose. He also recalls how Akira kept asking him how Hikaru played and that he was really upset about that. He than decides that he will make it difficult for either of them to capture territory and then force Hikaru into Yose. He wills than beat him there.

The scene then switches to Haze Jr. High School. Kaneko tells the Go Club that Hikaru was absent today because he's at a Go match. Everyone is happy. Mitani says that Hikaru is selfish, and Kaneko says that Mitani is just as selfish because he just suddenly declared that he was going to play in the tournament. Mitani says that Hikaru only started to play Go again because finals are starting. They then talk about how the boy's team made it all the way to the finals and then were beat by Kaiou. The girls won the first match 3-0. The youngest player is sad because everyone else is going to graduate and leave him all alone in the Go club. Akari then tells him how the club first began with only one member Tsutsui. She says that it will be fun to start a club by your self and that it's his club now. Mitani says that he should beat Kaiou someday. Akari then thinks about how the Go club is changing, how Hikaru is changing by playing Go again, and how everything's changing.

Next we see Waya and the others at his house. Waya asks Isumi about Hikaru. Isumi says that he doesn't understand but it seems like it's all over now. Waya is relieved and goes to drink, but the cup is empty. Everyone laughs.

The scene then switches back to Hikaru and Murakami's match. Murakami thinks that he can't just surround territory, he must fight back. Sakamaki spots Hikaru and leaves thinking how kids have no respect these days. Amano sees him and they talk. Sakamaki tells Amano that Hikaru is playing, and Amano runs out to see for himself. Amano calls Ogata and tells him that Hikaru has showed up again and is paying a match. Ogata smiled. Just then Kuwabara walks in and gives Amano the manuscript he asked for. He brought it over because he had some "business in the area". Amano tells Kuwabara that he was right and that Hikaru is playing Go again. Amano than asks Kuwabara why everyone is so interested in Hikaru. Kuwabara just laughs and says that they will all find out soon enough.

The scene then switches back to Hikaru's match. Hikaru thinks that he can win and places a stone. Meanwhile, Akira and another player finish up their game. Akira wins of course. Akira puts his stones away and looks at Hikaru (who is still playing). Akira stands up and leaves. The man sitting next to Hikaru, Tsujioka, wonders why Akira left if he considers himself Hikaru's rival. He wonders if it was just a false rumor. Then he thinks that maybe Akira can't tell if Hikaru is playing a lower level Dan. Outside, Akira thinks that only he can measure Hikaru's strength. Tsujioka then remembers the preliminaries for the Meijin match. He remembers that Akira's opponent for the first round will be Hikaru. Back outside, Akira thinks that he will find out soon, because they already prepared a match for them.
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