Hikaru no Go

Season 2 Episode 29

Toya Koyo Retires!

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2002 on

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with a recap from the last episode where Kurata faced Hikaru in a one-color go match, he then realizes that it's Hikaru's firs time, but Hikarui made a small mistake, while thinking Kurata lost track where his stones were, but Hikaru resigned before the battle went on.

Now they hear on the T.V. that Koyo Toya aka Toya Meijin has just retired. Everyone goes into shock about him retiring, the paparazi talk with his supervisor and an emergancy meeting is called. They need a title holder for the tournament to continue for the Judon series. People trying to figure out why Koyo Toya has retired, such as his health, and his irregular play during his last game. Other people think that is was due to his loss online against an unknown player named Sai.

Now later as Akira goes to play go, he is quesioned about his father's decision. Akira has not even been told why he has retired, but it is not due to his health. Akira's mother tells him that Koyo Toya knows he is making the right decision due to his inner peace with it. Koyo Toya can still play for fun and have some good matches even though they're not for money or the title. Akira is then met by a player of high skill, knowing that he and many others would be doing the same.

In a flashback Kurata comes to Akira's house and tells him that some parts of his game can only be acceled through competitve play. Koyo Toya responds by saying he can still play for fun and have some good matches even though they're not for money or the title in the confort of his own home instead of traveling to play. Akira then talks with Kurata about how he's going to catch up, but Kurata tells him he should be more focused on the people below him instead of above him. Akira is then told of by his old rival Hikaru Shindou.

Elsewhere Hikaru plays his game against a 3-dan who analyzes his previous games and experience noticing that it is Hikaru's first game as a pro.

Hikaru focuses on the board and aims for victory. Meanwhile Sai speaks about how Hikaru will do great and how he will reach the divine move.

The battle goes on and Hikaru's opponent is pressured to make risks due to his game performance. More in Hikaru's opponent starts to make some reckless moves to hang on to the game. Hikaru remains calm and is in the clear for victory. Hikaru has improved by a lot to be winning against a 3-dan, which is what Sai is thinking. The 3-dan then realizes there is no point and resigns.

Back to Akira, who just beat another player. Now thinking how Hikaru did in his game and why he came into Akira's life. Akira then wonders why he is persuing Hikaru and also why Hikaru is persuing him.

Now at Hikaru's house Sai is training him hard to prepare him for his games. Sai says that Hikaru is not strong enough to beat him yet. They then get into a fight and don't finish the game.

The next day Hikaru gets word of burgerlers robing his grandfathers house the night before. Sai wonders if they took the go board he was sealed in for 140 years. They then go to Hikaru's grandfather's house to see. The board was not taken, but they do realize that the board's blood stain has faded. What could be the reason for this, and what is Sai talking about when he says he doesn't have much time left. Next time: Farewell Hikaru.
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