Hilary Duff: This is Now

MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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  • hooooot hilary !!!!!

    she is really hot and cool . sing well act well and dance well . every things well . do u think she broke up with joel was too waste ? ? handsome and pretty . to be honest , i like hilary much than NICOLE (i love Nicole too). but I think Hilary is better than her . maybe Hilary is too small for Joel . and this is the rason why they will broke up . hope they will be together again but this is impossbale ( wrong spelling ) . P . S love her 4ever . Thx a lot >3<
  • This is about how Hilary Duff is a wonderful singer & a awesome actress from Lizzie McGuire. I quite happened to like about how she changed her life.

    I would like to say that I love everything about Hilary duff & I think that she’s amazing person in the whole wide world. I like her personality because she cares for people & little children too.
    There is also some things that I like about her sister, Haylie so much, that I think she’s a lucky sister that Hilary has in her life.

  • Tells you the life of Hilary Duff.

    I've always been an fan of Hilary Duff. But this show isn't her best work i mean this is supposed to me her life right. Why does it seem so boring i mean shes cool and all but her life seems way to boring. All really what she did was learn a couple of dance moves and sing a couple of songs and laugh at a couple of corny jokes. I notice that she still has the same body guard because he was in a couple of backgrounds with hilary in the movie lizzie mcguire and a couple of movies.
  • The everyday like of Hilary Duff. Touring, personal life, and making time to just hang out with her peers.

    Hilary Duff behind the curtains, behind the make-up. Hilary Duff has always had a pre-conceived image. This Is Now shows the real Hilary Duff behind the curtains. I really like this show because you get to see how stressful it get's for Miss Hilary. Those who follow Hilary Duff know that she's a big multi-tasker. Movies, music, clothing line, perfume, touring. Hilary Duff is pretty much all over the place. I would definately recommend this to the Hilary Duff fans but definately to those who are ignorant and thinking of Hilary Duff who are judging her based on preconceived images from her movies and TV.
  • It's a really good show and it let's us see the real "Hilary Duff."

    This show is really good and it shows what Hilary Duff is really like when she deals with her everyday experiences. When i first watched this show i thought it was going to be boring and kind of snobbish,"like im a celebrity and your not; i have to work all the time blah! blah! blah! blah! blah!" But it's not. It is very 'real' in a way. This show is good and not bad (in a dirty kind of way) because it shows that Hilary Duff is a human and she doesn't always like everything. So I hope I convinced you to watch this show.
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