Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 22

A Hill of Beans

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 12, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil opens roll call with news that Washington is in the hospital with a broken collar bone and other related minor trauma, but is expected to make a full recovery. City administration officials have quit filibustering on the budget and the force is pleased to discover that their salaries will be returning. Meanwhile, Rico asks for some money from Leo, and LaRue reads Benedetto the riot act.

Renko and Hill find a man who was just robbed and assaulted. He had been on his way to the Hill Street Precinct with the cash. Hill and Renko track the perpetrators down to Diablos, Martinez's gang. Meanwhile, Martinez is enmeshed in problems of his own for embezzling a federal grant and using it to play the stock market.

Fay announces that she's having a little girl and asks Phil to be the baby's godfather. Benedetto approaches Simone in a restaurant and arrests him after assaulting him.

Davenport defends an alleged purse snatcher and gets him off the hook, only to have him nab her own after the trial. LaRue finds out Benedetto was in on everything that was going on with the organized crime. When he's approached preparing to leave the country, he takes a woman hostage before turning the gun on himself. Rico returns to visit faithful Leo, his benefactor – he's high as a kite. Davenport and Furillo leave for a weekend away.