Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 22

A Hill of Beans

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 12, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Why in the world would the precinct's payroll be sent in cash - unprotected - via automobile to the station, and how would Jesus Martinez know about it?

    • In the restaurant scene, Simone's henchman who is ready to defend him suddenly disappears from one shot to the next when Benedetto pushes Simone's head into the spaghetti.

  • Quotes

    • Davenport: Heard you lost one.
      Furillo: He won't be missed.

    • Leo: Hey, Rico. You're going to make it, pal.
      Rico: Yeah, maybe I will. Maybe I will.

    • Chief Daniels: I'm releasing a statement at two o' clock that Simone's been brought in. You'd better hurry, Frank, if you want to make the five o' clock news.

    • LaRue: (to Benedetto) You almost got my partner killed, you fat grease ball! We got a date coming! You put it on the calendar!

    • Davenport: I, uh, thought we might have lunch today.
      Furillo: You're on.
      Davenport: How's noon?
      Furillo: I'll make a reservation at the Galley.
      Davenport: I was thinking more about room service.

    • Fay: You know there are fathers, and then there are fathers. As it stands right now, my little girl isn't going to have any kind of father at all.
      Phil: Fay.
      Fay: I'd consider it an honor if you'd be her godfather. I mean if you could be there for her when she needs someone to look up to. 'Cause I gotta tell you honestly, I can't think of another man in the world I would prefer her looking up to than you, Mr. Philip Freemason Esterhaus.

    • Jesus Martinez: C'mon, Frankie! You know me! I've been a girl scout for the last two years!

    • Howard: My sun is rising considerably further to the east these days, Henry.
      Henry: Buffalo?
      Furillo: She's Vietnamese.
      Henry: No kidding? Where'd you meet her?
      Howard: Uh, at my Confucian studies seminar. I have bursitis.

    • Furillo: Take care of yourself, Jesus.
      Jesus Martinez: Yo, Frankie. Stay healthy.

    • LaRue: (egging on Benedetto, who is threatening suicide) C'mon, Benedetto! Do the right thing and pull the trigger! (a gunshot is heard)

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