Hill Street Blues

Season 3 Episode 21

Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 05, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

Phil tells the gang at roll call that their paychecks are frozen until city council can pass the budget. He also warns them that pieces of Buddy Gannett's corpse were found and to be on the lookout for more turning up, a feat on which the precinct puts money in a gambling pull. Phil finally informs them that their multiple personality psychopath escaped and is on the loose again.

Renko and Hill come across stolen cash after discussing paycheck woes; Renko wants to keep it and split it. Washington teams up again with the cruel Benedetto in a bust, and Furillo debriefs the two of them, certain only that he detests Benedetto. Meanwhile, LaRue tries to finagle a heart from a butcher shop so that he can win the macabre bet.

Neal goes undercover to an even darker crime boss, Simone, in order to garner information. Simione warns Neal that if he doesn't do as he's instructed in regards to an alleged debt, he'll end up in as many pieces as Buddy Gannett did. In the meantime, Renko talks Hill into keep the two thousand and some change that they've come upon. While they're interrogating an apparent robbery outside a shady beer joint, the two discover that a bandit has made off with their cruiser, cash and all. When they find the culprit, they discover him to be nothing more than a little boy.

Bates, Coffey, and Goldblume get a call from one of TJ's other personalities that he is holed up in an apartment and that he's dangerous. When they arrive, "Reggie" has taken over and threatens suicide. Goldblume is unable to keep him from jumping out the window and onto the cement several stories below, where he soon dies.

Hill takes an interest in the juvenile he and Renko have apprehended. Washington and Benedetto prepare to go after the deadly Simione, and Benedetto laughs off LaRue's presentation of Gannett's "heart." Meanwhile, Howard continues a relationship with a Vietnamese woman who works in a massage parlor, asking her out to dinner.

Washington and Benedetto are about to give up meeting Simone when they are suddenly accosted by armed thugs who demand the bag and end up shooting Washington in the shoulder, causing him to lose a tremendous amount of blood.