Hill Street Blues

Season 1 Episode 6

Film at Eleven

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 1981 on NBC

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  • LaRue's back, as smarmy as Furillo is charming, but we glimpse a softer side of Belker and Davenport.

    Another fantastic episode from Season One, with character development already well under way - unusual for being so early in the life of a drama. This time, LaRue and Washington discover the gun that shot Renko and Hill, and Belker is busy booking a self-proclaimed vampire after the man took a bite out of the neck of a hooker. The only thing that separates this day from another is the fact that a film crew is rolling cameras throughout everything for a documentary.
    One of the features I found particularly interesting about this episode is that biting, brutish Belker was shown more depth in his character when confronted with an especially bizarre case. When Kevin Herman Dracula goes nuts in the station, it's Belker who is able to talk to him and calm him down, as opposed to using force. Likewise, when this same psychotic young man - a client of Joyce Davenport - hangs himself in his jail cell, we are treated to a new dimension in Davenport that she typically does not reveal when she looks to Furillo for comfort after having to shed tears over the tragic loss of the young man.