Hill Street Blues

Season 2 Episode 1

Hearts and Minds

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

Roll call begins with Phil admonishing the gang about certain computer print-outs of phone calls from the station, including those to a massage parlor and a bookie. He debriefs everyone on the sixth assault of a cabbie in the last week, and alerts them to a purse snatcher with particularly long arms... an orangutan.

Just as everyone is leaving to go about the day's business, a domestic quarrel between an arrested male and female turns particularly ugly, with the man grabbing a gun. Renko and Coffey are forced to shoot him dead.

Coffey is restless to get back on the streets following his shooting, and Phil reluctantly agrees. After an encounter with Grace in the station, Phil confides to Howard that he is thinking of breaking things off with Grace. Renko and Hill are sent out to investigate a missing 7 year-old, and Furillo comes face to face with Jesse John Hudson, an ex-con and former gang leader who's just been released from prison. While Hudson is telling Furillo all about his plans to improve the city, an informant meets with Belker and tells him that Hudson's motives are worse than just money this time – he wants the Hill.

Fay comes into the precinct with a birthday cake, singing to Frank. She invites him over for dinner and "whatever" later, but he already has a date with Davenport. Washington and LaRue arrest a suspect in the kidnapping of the boy, and chase down two others into a parking garage, where the one suspect is locked in a trunk. Davenport's client claims that another police officer – a regular at the topless bar where she works as a waitress – tried to solicit her for sex acts and threatened her when she refused. Meanwhile, Renko, Hill, Coffey, and Bates have a run-in with the purse snatcher. Renko and Hill pursue the orangutan down into the cellar of the tenant housing, where it's dark and smelly. In an old refrigerator, they find the informant who warned Belker about Jesse John Hudson.

Furillo talks with Jesus Martinez to understand better what Hudson's next move will be. Belker books the ape, and Henry wises up to the fact that the missing kid's older brother is acting suspicious. Henry corners the brother and finds out that the little boy is in the cellar of a tenant house, his brother having convinced him that he's shot and killed him to scare the little boy into hiding.

That night at dinner, Furillo tells Davenport that he wants to take the relationship to the next level or else break it off. Davenport agonizes for a moment, then leaves the table, leaving Furillo all by himself on his fortieth birthday.