Hill Street Blues

Season 1 Episode 1

Hill Street Station

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 1981 on NBC

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  • Capt. Furillo is loaded with many worries including the fact that his son was playing with a gun and a hostage situation.

    Certainly a different take on a tv pilot. As a cop show, “Hill Street Blues” doesn’t pull any punches and throws you directly into the action. We meet the characters but we don’t get a full rundown of what they are like instead we are show how they are like through the daily activities in the office. Furillo has an ex-wife who wants him to be with his son more. Furillo is in charge of a busy precinct. This isn’t the first day on the job for the characters instead we get as established characters.

    Furillo has to deal with a hothead young teen named Hector Ruiz who is holding down people in a meat market. We briefly meet the cops, Hill and Renko, a black and white cop who have a lot of friendship with each other. We also meet the gung-ho, gun obsessed loon Lt. Howard Hunter (who reminds me a lot of Actually Howard does come up with a solution to end the hostage crisis by using hypodermia to slowly eek out the suspect.

    Honestly this kid though Hector is a real punk and Capt. Furillo is very nice to him. I think this episode was a way of establishing just how benevolent Furillo is. Other stereotypical Captains would have ended the situation with guns a blazing taking out the punk with no future, but Furillo has a heart and decides to negotiate. I haven't listened to the commentary but Boucho who wrote this episode shows here that he really does know what happens in a cop's world.
  • A remarkable start for a remarkable series

    I hadn't seen this show for a long time when I renewed our acquaintance with the dvd of the first series. Hill Street Blues set the standard for so many shows that followed. (It may even be responsible for some irritating television trends. The shaky camera movements, for instance, that give the show a documentary style, are these days being used without reason, to many viewers' irritation.)

    Its strenghth is the ensemble acting and the surprising plot lines. This episode has two surprise endings. I don't understand why NBC had to think twice before ordering a full series.

    The acting is superb. Its realism makes some of the stranger plot lines believable. The only thing that may have dated the show is the character of Howard Hunter. His comic relief rather spoils the realism.